Sunday, June 15, 2014

Introducing Banner Lee Hill

Well.... I still can't hardly believe it but we have another preemie on our hands and he is just PERFECT!! It is amazing to me how fast you fall in love with these little gaffers :) but as far as the story goes I guess I will just start at the beginning...

It was a beautiful Tuesday morning and I was off to the specialist for yet another weekly ultrasound and NST where they proceeded to tell me that everything looked wonderful (except for my slightly high amniotic fluid levels that they would keep watching) and that they expected me to get very close to term this time! So I went home and fell asleep that night thinking of all the cleaning and laundry I needed to do to get ready for my mom's visit that next week. At about 1:30 in the morning I woke up with small contractions and I thought "No! No freaking way.... These must be those Braxton things everyone talks about", so I got into a warm bath and hoped they would just go away. Well at about 3:30 they got really bad really fast so I woke up a sleepy Brian and Boston and we drove to the hospital. They hooked me up and checked me out and I was a 4cm already. Crap. This baby was coming already and I was so not prepared! And this was about the time I started freaking out. Memories of blue baby Boston's and dead brain MRIs ran through my head and I had a bit of a melt down about having to go through that again.... But luckily contractions are pretty good distractions haha. 

And I must say, this labor was so ouchy! I thought I might be dying from the pain.... The anesthesiologist was doing a c-section on a 29-weeker which meant that my b.f.f.f.f Mr. Epidural was quite delayed and I was not very impressed (I do hope that baby and mom are ok though lol) and the drugs they pump me with to try and stop labor and the absolute worst! They make me so dizzy and nauseous, every time I moved I would be throwing up too.... Let's just say that it wasn't pretty. But the Dr. finally got there and once he got me my drugs it was awesome! I was still dizzy and sick but I wasn't in pain anymore! And the drugs were working to slow things down (not stop it like they hoped but delayed it long enough to get a few good hours of steroids in for Banner's lungs) so I got a few visitors! Laurel arrived from St. George to watch Boston for us (hallelujah), Brent and Rachel stopped by and took Bandit home (thank goodness), and then my aunt Sina from Texas was in Utah for the day (funny coincidence) so she stopped by with her girls and it was so fun to see everyone, even though I was still pretty out of it haha. But at about 12:30 pm my Dr. came in and said it was time to break my water and start pushing! Ahhh! 

I was rolled into the surgical unit (close to the NICU), waited for a contraction, pushed three times and shot this baby out like a cannon ball! It was the funniest/weirdest thing ever! Dr. Baxter barely caught him he shot out so fast, but he was here and he was PERFECT! He was crying when he came out so I actually got a minute to see him this time before they took him away, he was so cute even if he was covered in all the nastiness. Brian got to walk down to the NICU with him and I had to be wheeled away and watched for an hour before I could go see him (I hate that part). 

He was born 6/11/14 at 12:59 and was 4lbs 15oz and 17 inches! When I came down he was on CPAP to help out a little bit with breathing but we were expecting that. He was only getting a little help from it though and doing so good! They ended up putting a breathing tube down his throat later that day just for a little while to put some medicine down into his lungs that help them mature faster, but then after that he was off oxygen all together and breathing all on his own.... Say what!? This took Boston months to do so we were pretty ecstatic! 

He was doing so good that I only had to wait a day to hold him! Yes... This is the day after I had him and I still look that tired haha. 

Brian got to change his diaper that day too! You forget how tiny a 4lb baby can be, lifting his legs to put that diaper under him can be pretty scary haha. 

Such a cute little guy! 

Banner really is doing as well as we could have hoped for a 33-weeker! All we have to do is work on him eating all on his own and then he can come home! It will probably take 2-3 weeks we are guessing, eating can be a hard thing for these tiny babies, but I get to start trying next week so hopefully it goes well! He just has a feeding tube and I am pumping until then (I really seriously hate the pump, but I'm glad I invested in one!) He has an IV in that gives him the extra nutrients he needs until he is eating enough milk. We are hoping that will be out in about 4 days and then we can start dressing him in all those cute preemie clothes! Boston is not old enough to come into the NICU so unfortunately he won't be able to meet his brother until he comes home, so we are hoping it goes by fast! 

Laurel stayed a few days and was seriously sent from heaven! She watched Boston (he had so much fun) and she deep cleaned my house, I got home and it has never looked so good! I cried cuz I was so relieved everything was done. She is just the best! She is coming back this weekend with Tyler, Steph and Vince and we are so excited to see them all! 

My mom got here the day after I had Banner and is staying until Thursday... I am really dreading her leaving. We have the best Moms! She has been doing everything for us as well. Boston loves his grandmas... He has so much fun when they are here Haha. And she makes the NICU so much better, it is nice having your own personal NICU nurse all to yourself 24/7. We will miss her when she leaves :( but she will come back the end of July again when Banner was supposed to come! 

But I am happy to report that things although not ideal, are going SO MUCH BETTER this time around! It is amazing the difference 3 weeks and meningitis can make haha. The nurses keep asking us why we seem so relaxed cuz most parents are pretty stressed to see their babies in the NICU, and we just tell them that this baby compared to our last has been a breeze haha. I think we can handle pretty much anything now after Boston. And the NICU is all we know so it's not all that strange to us. We have had so much help and support from our friends and family too and that makes all the difference. We are so thankful to everyone and can't wait to bring this baby home and show him off! Brian celebrated being a dad of two beautiful little boys today which I will blog about soon, but we are all happy and doing well! Keep little Banner in your prayers so that he can come home soon!! 

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