Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Big Boy Bed and Bathtime!!!

I finally finished Boston's big-boy room downstairs! It took me forever... I would do little pieces and then put off doing more forever thinking I had tons of time! Well all the sudden I had two boys and one room and I was in a panic! But luckily my mother came to save the day and helped me finish it. So... introducing...
The race car room!!! Boss loves it down here :)

book shelves... they are filled with books now haha. 

Um that big picture of my face is so Boston always falls asleep thinking of me and has good dreams haha... It will be replaced soon I promise....

This wall is not quite done... it needs a couple more things but I just haven't figured out what yet! But still pretty cute I think!

My 5$ dresser and lamp that I re-painted!! 

Love the working stop light lamp!!

Tah-dah!! This door goes into the backyard haha... We need to figure out how to keep him in before he learns door handles :s

Me and mom sewed the quilt, I love it! Boss does too :) 

First attempt.. we had an escapee! So we took the box spring out to lower it even more and trap him inside haha... I'm not ready to deal with that quite yet, so it is still basically a crib! 

Round two... not so impressed haha. He cries every night before bed so it wasn't that strange. 
haha that face... he only screamed for a few minutes and then was fast asleep! 

Such a big boy now! Can't believe he is a big brother, crazy!!

These pics are random but way too cute not to put up!! Reading scriptures before going to bed downstairs. 

This is how he folds his arms for prayers bahah. 

And now for a quick little Banner update!!!

Not much new to report really... Banner is still healthy and is growing! He now weighs 5 lbs 8 oz, almost a whole pound gained from birth! Wohoo!! He is still being lazy with his feedings however so he is still being tube-fed and we are just waiting for him to start eating so he can come home! (Anytime now Banner....)

I got to stay last night and help with one of his baths, it was so fun! They keep him wrapped up in blankets during bath time to keep him warm.

All clean :) 

His sweet after bath hair-do! 

I seriously make the cutest little babies!! I love him so much!

Such a cool little dude! The nurses call him the "GQ baby" haha. 

Can;t wait to bring him home and snuggle him all day! 2 hrs a day is not nearly enough :( 

"Stop with all the pictures mom..."

All snuggled in for the night, I hate leaving him in the hospital. This time is so different but still hard, just in different ways. When Boston was in the hospital I was there all day everyday! And although it is nice not to worry about my babies heart stopping or him turning blue from no oxygen, I really hate that I have to be in two places at once... I really miss Banner during the day :( But hopefully he comes home really soon and we can be a big happy family!! 

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  1. such a cute little room! and Banner is such a cute! good job mamma! hope he comes home SOON!