Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig!

Can you believe it!?!?!? Our little Banner is HOME!!!  
He surprised his mommy and came home a day earlier than expected too, we were so happy!

We were told I would have to "room in" at the hospital Tuesday night with Banner before he could come home Wednesday afternoon. They make parents do that if their baby is coming home on oxygen and a monitor, which Banner was planned to do! So we went to the hospital Tuesday afternoon to have a short visit before I came back that night to stay and when I walked in they said "He can come home!" and I said "I know, tomorrow! We are so excited!" "No right now, you can take him home right now!" And then the tears started rolling, I was kind of in shock... 

He had gone 24 hours without oxygen and passed all his sats tests with flying colours so the at-home oxygen was cancelled and so was our room-in! So we had a lot of paperwork to do and Brian had to run home and get the carseat base (needless to say his lunch hour was a bit longer than expected haha), but we got all our prescriptions and home instructions and then left that hospital for good! That is seriously the best feeling! 

I was so excited to bring him home and show him to Boston... it went so well!! 

Boston already loves his little brother. This is him giving "kisses" haha. 

He loves to hold him but only for short amounts of time :) He will hold him and kiss him and then push him off and be done haha, but then when we take him away he wants him right back! 

We see a little jealousy coming out, which was expected, but he's not mean about it. He is pretty patient, he is just wanting to be held a bit more now since we are holding the other baby haha. 

He is a good sharer though and they are gonna be the best of buds! He is already trying to play ball with his brother haha... this video is pretty cute. (Banner is gonna be a tough little dude with a brother like Boston, but he is learning to be soft)

We would show Boss lots of pictures of banner while he was in the hospital so he already knew his name when he came home. It doesn't really sound like Banner but this is how Boss says it haha. 

But I am one happy momma today! 34 days in the hospital... not quite as long as Boston but definitely long ENOUGH! The NICU is a rough place to be some days. Banner is doing so good though and is such a good baby! We have had the best of luck with our little boys. He is so content and I think we have only heard him cry once. He is eating and sleeping really well.  I can only let him go 4 hours in the night right now before I have to wake him up to feed him, but I know he would go longer if we would let him! But we had a great first night at home with him :)

Laurel got here yesterday (thinking she was gonna watch Boston for us last night while we were at the hospital) and has been so good to keep Boston busy for us. And she has taken him to her mom's today so I can spend some time with Banner and get some rest, so that is awesome!!! But I feel great and am just so happy! Life is so good!!

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