Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Summer, Summer, Summer!!!

Oh my lanta.... where to begin? This is gonna be a looooonnnnggg post, but there will be lots of pics and videos! These past few weeks have seemed to go by so fast but we have done so much holidaying and partying!! 

First things first I guess... Banner is 2 1/2 months old!!! 
Umm how handsome is he!?!

He really is the cutest baby ever... He had his 2 month check and weighed in at 8lbs 2onz!! Way to go chubs! He is still in newborn clothes, eating a ton, puking even more, and sleeping decently! I get two 5 hour stretches at night so it is going good! 

Boston, Boston, Boston.... He just get's more busy and more crazy by the second haha. But he is so entertaining. 

If we ever forget to close the bathroom doors....

Boss will be turning two in 3 months... 3 months!!! I am already getting excited about party ideas haha. He is starting to talk a LOT! He copies things we say now (I have had to correct my language a few times haha) and has lots of cute new words. His new favorites are "bubbles" "shot" "catch" "Oh NO/man" and "boat". And I love the fact that when it is close to nap time and he is getting tired, he grabs his blanky and binky and goes downstairs and usually falls asleep somewhere all on his own haha. It's hilarious. 

And he is a great big brother. To be honest Brian and I were a little nervous that he would be too rough and crazy with a little baby. But it is amazing how he knows to be soft and gentle with Banner. He loves to hold him and kiss him and point out his eyes and nose haha. These little guys make me so happy! 

But now onto our crazy month of Summer fun! Like I mentioned last post, my family was here for a whole week!!

We had so much fun!! We went to the Nickelcade, I got a real babysitter and we went out to eat and to the movies, shopped some, went to the tramp place, pretty much everything fun to do here we did! But Boston's fav was Scera pool! 

He loves swimming, he is a little fish! Him and Brigham were having fun running through all things that sprayed water! And my dad would swim under the water and would pop up right in front of him and he would laugh and laugh! We all had a lot of fun. 

This was hilarious though. This pole had buckets that would dump water and when the water fell down Boston would just SCREAM! haha you would think he hated it until he would bust out laughing after. He is such a wierdo...

That week went by way to fast... But we get to go home for a week in Sept and Brigham got to stay so that made it better! 

I'm gonna just take a min and say how awesome this guy is!

Brigham was such a huge help in the next weeks. He would babysit, and entertain Boston and was just so fun! He seriously is the best uncle. To be honest I have always loved my baby brother Brigham but this trip I feel like we became actual best friends! He was still pretty little when I left home and we haven't had a lot of one on one time since then. So these weeks when it was just me and him hanging out were pretty special to me. He is so hilarious and the best brother ever! He left this morning and I miss him already! (and his WiiU.. but mostly him ;)

He got to come on the houseboat with us this year too which I was so excited for! The only other sibling of Brian's that could come the first week was Spencer so we had a small group this year but it was still awesome! 

And if you haven't guessed it yet... Boston was in absolute heaven on the houseboat. 

Not only was he swimming and playing outside 24/7 but his grandma and grandpa and uncles would spoil him rotten with attention and snacks and fun games! 

He even got to help drive the boat haha. 

His sleep patterns kind of disappeared though unfortunately... I don't know what it was about that boat but he would not sleep! He maybe had a 30 min nap everyday (usually its 3 hours ha) and then was up at 530-6am usually. I would have wanted to shoot myself with him and a newborn getting up at night but thankfully Ron and Laurel helped out with that too! They are awesome grandparents and would get up with him every morning. Looks like I got pretty spoiled too! 

I think it was just cuz there was so much fun to be had he couldn't wait to get up and go play more haha. He was pretty cute and would wear his lifejacket so good. Didn't ask to take it off once! 

Which was a good thing cuz this kid will just jump right in! No fear this child... 

His fav game was jumping off the back of the boat and floating in the water. It was so funny but so tiring lifting that chunk onto the boat constantly. We all took our shifts haha. 

He would get more and more brave as the days went on... by the end of the week he wasn't sitting anymore he would just jump in no matter if someone was there or not haha. I'm actually quite surprised we made it a whole week on the lake with no near drowning incidents lol. 

And yes... this happened. 

 I'm not exactly sure why we need to start the one year old wake surfing already, but I guess thats what boys do. And yes... he absolutely loved it, even when they wiped out and he was under the water for longer than normal haha. 

Whenever he misses something or doesn't do something right it's "Awe Man"

We love the houseboat. It is so relaxing and just so fun! 

Banner loved it too :) He would eat, play a little in this chair or on a blanket and then go back to sleep! haha. Pretty relaxing I would say. 

He got lots of attention too. He was everyone's favorite nap buddy :)

We have the best family! Everyone loves and helps out with the boys so much. Some days it felt like Brian and I were newly married and baby free again and I gotta say, it was kinda nice for a couple days haha. 

It definitely is a different kind of relaxing now with children running around, but a good different. They are so fun!

Boston was good at keeping us all laughing. He is for sure a natural born entertainer. 

Brigham turned 17 while on the boat too so we had a little party! Laurel put up all the cute decorations and made a yummy cake!

There was a pretty big theme with birthday presents haha. Brigham LOVES Zelda. Like more than a normal person should probably haha. Just kidding... but really... 

Everyone got him a pretty sweet Zelda gift and he was in heaven!

But we have had a great summer and are so grateful to our families for making it so awesome! I'm pretty sure we scared Spencer and Brigham out of having kids for a long time haha it gets pretty crazy, but the boys love their uncles! 

And all the sweet pictures of Brian, Brigs, Spencer and Ron wake boarding and surfing are on Ron's camera, so we have to wait until the weekend to get those. But maybe I'll put them on Facebook when I get them! They all did amazing this year as usual! 

We will miss the lake... until next Summer!! 

Monday, August 4, 2014

Banner's Blessing

Our little Banner got blessed yesterday!!
Isn't he handsome?

I love baby blessings :) But especially the baby blessings of my own kids. They are so special!

Brian does such an amazing job, they are always perfect! I of course was balling... I just love all my boys! 

We had lots of family and friends show up and it just made the day even more awesome! We came back after church and had crepes and sandwiches and just hung out. I love our family and am so grateful for all the support and love! 

My whole family got to be here too! My brothers and dad don't usually get to come but they are all here for a week and we are having the best time! (Boston refused to stay awake for pictures so he was napping during family pictures haha) 

Brigham is gonna stay with us for a month after everyone else leaves and come on the houseboat too! I am so excited. He is hilarious and such a good uncle! We are excited to have him :) 

In other news:
Before my family came I got a visit from my college roommates Jill and Alissa! I seriously love these girls and it was so fun to catch up! We are all old and married now, so weird.... They stopped for the night on their way down to Texas for a visit. I gotta admit I was kinda jealous, I miss Texas sometimes. Lot's of good memories there :) 

Boss and Banner are still as cute as ever! Boston is so good at giving Banner his space but loves to come give kisses and always says "Hi" to him. They are so funny! 

Banner is getting big! He is still in newborn clothes, about 6 lbs 10 oz now, will usually go 5 hours at night and is SUCH a good baby! We love him lots. 

Boston got a well needed hair cut before all our visitors came, I forgot to take an after picture but he looks like such a boy now! No more crazy Einstein baby :( 

Boston is still obsessed with basketballs... I mean its crazy how much he loves basketball. My mom went to D.I. and got him a hoop, put it on the porch and he plays out here all day haha. The fits he has when we make him come inside are pretty epic, but I must admit he's a pretty good ball player already :)

And lastly... it is true... we are selling our house :( I am really sad to not only leave our first home (which I LOVE) but to leave our ward as well. I have made some really great friends in this ward so choosing to leave was a really hard decision. But unfortunately these preemie children of ours do not come cheap. We have piles of medical bills and after lots of praying and discussion we decided selling the house was our best option. We can make a lot if we sell now so the plan is to buy another house for what we got this one for and to get out of debt! Brian also found out he is getting a huge raise at his job so we are very excited! He is such a hard worker and I am very proud of him! So let the house hunting and packing begin.... uugh.