Monday, August 4, 2014

Banner's Blessing

Our little Banner got blessed yesterday!!
Isn't he handsome?

I love baby blessings :) But especially the baby blessings of my own kids. They are so special!

Brian does such an amazing job, they are always perfect! I of course was balling... I just love all my boys! 

We had lots of family and friends show up and it just made the day even more awesome! We came back after church and had crepes and sandwiches and just hung out. I love our family and am so grateful for all the support and love! 

My whole family got to be here too! My brothers and dad don't usually get to come but they are all here for a week and we are having the best time! (Boston refused to stay awake for pictures so he was napping during family pictures haha) 

Brigham is gonna stay with us for a month after everyone else leaves and come on the houseboat too! I am so excited. He is hilarious and such a good uncle! We are excited to have him :) 

In other news:
Before my family came I got a visit from my college roommates Jill and Alissa! I seriously love these girls and it was so fun to catch up! We are all old and married now, so weird.... They stopped for the night on their way down to Texas for a visit. I gotta admit I was kinda jealous, I miss Texas sometimes. Lot's of good memories there :) 

Boss and Banner are still as cute as ever! Boston is so good at giving Banner his space but loves to come give kisses and always says "Hi" to him. They are so funny! 

Banner is getting big! He is still in newborn clothes, about 6 lbs 10 oz now, will usually go 5 hours at night and is SUCH a good baby! We love him lots. 

Boston got a well needed hair cut before all our visitors came, I forgot to take an after picture but he looks like such a boy now! No more crazy Einstein baby :( 

Boston is still obsessed with basketballs... I mean its crazy how much he loves basketball. My mom went to D.I. and got him a hoop, put it on the porch and he plays out here all day haha. The fits he has when we make him come inside are pretty epic, but I must admit he's a pretty good ball player already :)

And lastly... it is true... we are selling our house :( I am really sad to not only leave our first home (which I LOVE) but to leave our ward as well. I have made some really great friends in this ward so choosing to leave was a really hard decision. But unfortunately these preemie children of ours do not come cheap. We have piles of medical bills and after lots of praying and discussion we decided selling the house was our best option. We can make a lot if we sell now so the plan is to buy another house for what we got this one for and to get out of debt! Brian also found out he is getting a huge raise at his job so we are very excited! He is such a hard worker and I am very proud of him! So let the house hunting and packing begin.... uugh. 

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