Monday, September 29, 2014


People always tell me how different Banner and Boston look... well I disagree. I was going through baby pictures and thought I would post some so you could see what I see! 

They do look a little different (mostly just the hair haha) but I think they definitely look like brothers! 

Banner just started smiling and they have the exact same smile!! Such happy boys!

Even with all the tubes on their face I think they could almost be twins! 

They love their binkys :) 

Love my cute boys! You can't tell by looking at them now because they change so much from this tiny baby stage, but I think they will end up looking so similar!

I love having two little boys, Boston sure loves his brother haha, he just can't wait until Banner can run around and get into trouble with him! He is getting there though... we went to the doctor and Banner weighs 10lbs 5onz! Way bigger than I had thought haha. But still not as fat as Boston was... that kid blew up like a balloon when he got home haha. 

We are excited for the next few months. I have halloween costumes all ready, invitations done for Boston's basketball birthday party (he's gonna be 2!?!?), a couple thanksgivings coming, and conference in St. George this weekend! FUN!!! I love this time of year! 

Friday, September 19, 2014

My Gramps and Other Canadian Things....

Brian and I were planning a quick trip up to Canada just a couple weeks ago to go to his best friend Jon's wedding (which was so awesome by the way!) but a few days before we were planning on leaving we got the call from my dad that my grandpa Hill had passed away :( That was a pretty sad day... It was a head injury because of a horse-riding accident, so it was sudden and very unexpected. So Brian took a couple more days off and we headed up to Canada a little earlier so we could go to the funeral. 

(The program was the coolest I have ever seen, it was full of pictures! But this was the cover, it's my grandpa on my horsey Blue who I loved more than just about anything haha. They are both gone now so this picture is pretty special to me now)

The funeral was actually very nice. He was loved by so many, I think they counted close to 800 people there. My dad and uncle Blake talked and they both did amazing! It was a beautiful day filled with lots of good people and memories, and thankfully we know this good-bye is not forever :)  

I will always miss him, he was so fun!! And he was a really good example of a member missionary. He loved the gospel and loved to share it with everyone. My aunt found a box full of cards that had people's names written on them and what they had already discussed about the church so that if he ever ran into them again they could pick up where they left off. But just to show how many people this actually was, he often didn't know their real name, the card would say "brunette at 7-11" or "skinny pig-farmer" haha, he would just share a message no matter where he was or who it was he was talking to. He had a very strong testimony of the plan of salvation, so we know he is so happy where he is and still sharing and laughing with everyone he meets up there. 

And mormon funerals are always a little different it seems, because after the service the dinner kind of turns into a big, fun family reunion haha. We got to see a lot of people we hadn't in a while and it was fun to catch up and share funny stories of grandpa! 

And everyone even got to see Brian which is a little rare! haha I come up with the boys a fair amount but Brian is always working so hard (so that I can come up with the boys a lot...) So it was fun to see all the family with my whole family! 

But Brian had to fly home Sunday so before he left we got to hang out with my mom's side of the family for a bit!

I don't get to see my cousins on this side very often so it was really fun!! And I loved showing off our newest addition to everyone too! He was pretty popular....

Here's my grandpa Platt pulling Boss in the same wagon he used to pull me around in haha. They are pretty cute! 

But after taking Brian to the airport and having one last dinner with my dad's family, me and the boys went to Edmonton for a week to party! 

We took Boston to West Edmonton Mall and we rented this fire truck stroller which he just loved, I'm thinking of installing a wheel on my stroller so he sits in it better haha. 

And Boss got to go to galaxy land for free!!! Granted there were only 3 rides he could go on haha but he loved it all the same. 

ferris wheel with Grandma Shari!

He loved this ride...

And of course the merry-go-round! He was a little unsure of this one at first, but by the end he was yelling "yee-haw" and wanting to go again! 

Banner loved it to haha... he just sat nicely in his seat the whole time. Such a good boy!

The rest of the time was just spent hanging out at home with my fam... my favorite thing to do! And as you can see, they are all great babysitters hahaha. 

Here is Banner and my dad dancing...

...and mom giving Boston his first piggy back which he thought was hilarious! 

My boys love their grandparents and uncles... and everyone is so good at entertaining them, it's like I don't even have children while I am there haha. 

But another big thing happened while we were in the great white north ... it snowed! Ok that wasn't the big thing but it was shocking... I turned 25!!!!! Oh my... I'm half of 50!

To celebrate we went to galaxy land again haha... and Brigham came home for the weekend so it was extra fun this time! 

And got me some birthday poutine!! 

mmm... one thing I really miss about Canada is the food. Not just the poutine and ketchup chips, but the variety of foods there. For example, the food courts in the states are all pizza, burgers and tacos.... but I was amazed at the food courts here, I never realized! There was Greek, Vietnamese, French, Pitas and Panini's, Seafood... like seriously a little of everything (and of course your burgers and tacos too) And to some it might not be a big deal, but as a person who LOVES trying new food of all kinds who married someone that only eats burgers plain with cheese... a food court like this seems like the perfect solution to our constant food dilemma haha. Long story long... it was a great birthday lunch :)

We also got a babysitter and went out to eat and to a movie too! (Where I proceeded to order my second birthday poutine... that's right, the movie theaters here have poutine) 

Then on Sunday my mom had a big birthday dinner with all my family and friends that are in Edmonton! It was so fun! I miss Kylie and her little family... love those guys!

And I feel like I hadn't seen Nicole in ages... which I haven't so it was so awesome to spend a little time with her and Brant again! 

So it was a great birthday and 25 is ok I guess... when I say it I feel really old, but I don't feel it yet so thats ok! Brian was kinda sad he missed it but I had flowers waiting for me when I got back and my mom babysat so we could go on an awesome date!! And I am so, SO excited for my present he got me, but I can't get it until next month so I will blog all about it then :) 

As far as boy updates go...
(side note, how cute were the family pictures we won from Kali Poulsen? I loved them all but especially the ones she took of the boys, they are all on Facebook if you haven't seen them!)

Banner is growing so big!! He is 3 months old now and we are going in for his 2 month shots right away so I don't have exact weight right now... but its somewhere in the high 8 lbs range now!!  

We just switched from newborn to 0-3 month clothes last night! He is eating good (we figured out that if we use fast flow bottles he will finish before he has time to fall asleep haha so that is going much better), He is getting pretty good at lifting his own head and he has started smiling!!! And his hair gets better everyday... I mean could there be a cuter baby on this planet? Pretty sure no.... 

And Boston.. haha my crazy almost 2 yr old!! We love him so much!!
He is talking like crazy, we came home after our week in Edmonton and Brian was in shock of how much better he was at talking, he can copy pretty much anything now. He has a couple short sentences he says now (like "where is grandma or daddie?" haha) but still mostly just one word answers. He can count 1,2,3, knows the letter "b", knows a cow says "moo" and can do the actions to patty cake all by himself haha. 

aaannnd he is still obsessed with basketball... this pictures cracks me up. This is my basketball zombie clan. When Brian gets home he will watch the NBA on his computer, Boss loves to sit with him and will seriously watch for hours (he still won't sit to watch a 20 min kid show but a full NBA game is no problem..? ) And he doesn't blink very much when he watches so its kinda creepy how zoned out he gets haha. 

Love these guys!!! Never thought I would enjoy having 2 boys so much! They are so fun :)