Monday, September 29, 2014


People always tell me how different Banner and Boston look... well I disagree. I was going through baby pictures and thought I would post some so you could see what I see! 

They do look a little different (mostly just the hair haha) but I think they definitely look like brothers! 

Banner just started smiling and they have the exact same smile!! Such happy boys!

Even with all the tubes on their face I think they could almost be twins! 

They love their binkys :) 

Love my cute boys! You can't tell by looking at them now because they change so much from this tiny baby stage, but I think they will end up looking so similar!

I love having two little boys, Boston sure loves his brother haha, he just can't wait until Banner can run around and get into trouble with him! He is getting there though... we went to the doctor and Banner weighs 10lbs 5onz! Way bigger than I had thought haha. But still not as fat as Boston was... that kid blew up like a balloon when he got home haha. 

We are excited for the next few months. I have halloween costumes all ready, invitations done for Boston's basketball birthday party (he's gonna be 2!?!?), a couple thanksgivings coming, and conference in St. George this weekend! FUN!!! I love this time of year! 

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  1. oh wow I was one of those people that thought your boys looked so different but WOAH they do look the same! and both very cute. and I love Banners name! and his hair is the best! :)