Friday, October 31, 2014

This Is Halloween....


It is seriously so fun....playing dress up, carving pumpkins, candy!?!? What's not to love?

Since pulling out all the Halloween decor I have learned that Boss LOVES pumpkins, I had to buy him his own play pumpkin because he kept trying to steal all mine haha.  

How cute is this little dino? If you have noticed his red nose it is because he face planted on the driveway haha. He survived...

We had a ward party last Saturday and got all dressed up and had a blast! Boss was a T-Rex...

Banner was the cutest owl I have ever seen....

I was pikachu....

And Brian was Ash!! We were one of the select few adults who dressed up at the party haha. But I'm glad I have a hubby who will do just about anything to make me happy, dressing up on halloween included! We had a lot of fun at the party and I even got 2nd place in the chili cook off!! 

I had to include this... Banner HATED the hat part of his owl, he would scream and scream when I put it on so this was the best face I got out of him with it on lol. Still pretty cute though...

Then on Monday for F.H.E we carved pumpkins!!! I think this is my fav part about halloween. Here is Boss drawing on his, he thought this was so awesome. I got the idea from my cousin Kylie, it might be common knowledge to let your kids colour on it first but it never occurred to me until I saw her little girl having fun doing it! 

Scoopin out the guts! 

Finished products! Brian's, Mine and "Boston's"

But then Friday finally rolled around and it was time for candy!!!!!

My aunt Sina gave me about a million costumes before she moved away haha so I had to do a wardrobe change because I couldn't decide between the dino and kangaroo... I mean look at that fat butt!!! It's so cute!!!!

We went to Brian's work in the morning and trick-or-treated to all the cubicles there for a little while. This was when Boston first started to figure out how awesome halloween really is haha. He was already hopped up on sugar before the real trick-or-treating had even begun! 

Everyone would ask him to jump like a kangaroo and it was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen! I wish I had caught it on video! He was having a lot of fun despite having a bad cold! 

And this little gaffer is just so good and so cute! We stopped by Brian's grandma's house after for our first house! They got spoiled there... 

And then Boss and I headed out while Banner and Brian stayed home to hand out candy/watch basketball lol. Notice yet another wardrobe change haha... I told you... millions! He had spilled all over the kangaroo too so we were kinda forced to :) 

Our neighbour hands out home made cookies which was Boston's favorite, he loves cookies! Who doesn't amiright!?

We went out for about 45 min and got a ton of goodies!! Checking out his spoils! 

He was so excited he just popped the candies in his mouth wrapper and all... "It tastes better this way mom I swear!"

It was another successful Halloween! I'm kinda sad it's over... :( but now we got American Thankgiving and CHRISTMAS to look forward to!! YAY!

And just one more adorable picture of my boys to top it all off!! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Picture Update!!

I needed to blog an update because I have so many cute and hilarious pictures of my boys that I need to show off! 

Oldest and wisest first:

I swear this kid gets more and more silly everyday, he is so entertaining!

He has developed a love for the iPad, he loves to draw and play fruit ninja! It is amazing to me how these little kids know how to navigate them so well. He often calls my mom on FaceTime while he is playing too haha which I'm sure she loves/thinks is kinda annoying after the 20th time that day but he likes it :)  Boston is talking really good now too! He is getting so OLD! Granted all he usually says is "I want... (insert the need of Barney/food/basketball/anything I am using)" but he always says please so it's pretty cute... 

He loves to sing and dance to music, omg the dancing...  I will capture it on video one of these days, it doesn't last very long but man is it hilarious. He knows his animal sounds, colors, "cool dude" while giving thumbs up, 123, ABC, and knows very well who Barney, Mickey Mouse, Jake the pirate, Elmo, Spiderman and Hulk are. He loves spiderman... 

He loves to play dress up... this is a costume my aunt gave us that will probably be his outfit for next halloween but he still always asks to wear it even though it is too big. 

Speaking of dress up.... bbbahaha. When we went to St. George for Conference weekend Laurel got him this awesome Ninja Turtle hat that he loves! 

He runs around and kicks and I think he actually thinks he's a ninja while he wears it haha. It is so cute! He is crouching here to be so sneaky lol. 

This kid hated the bumbo when he was a baby, but now that his little brother loves it and is using it a lot he thinks it is his again lol. Watching him try to get his fat butt out of here is so hilarious. 

He is wearing 2T clothes and 3T jammies. We are still in diapers but he knows what going pee is and asks to go pee a lot so we might attempt potty training here soon. He is in size 7 shoes and just got these amazing kicks from his grandma and grandpa, he loves to stomp around in them on the hardwood because they make lots of noise haha. He LOVES nursery, they even got him his very own basketball hoop in nursery haha so the obsession is still raging....

And he turns TWO in one month!!! I am so exited, I love planning parties so we are having a Boston Celtics birthday bash this year, here are the invitations/tickets that were sent out, aren't they awesome!? 

Now for our little Banner:
I love this kid SO MUCH!!!!!

He is a really, really good baby! He is 4 months old now (what!?!) and has been sleeping from 8:30pm-7:30am for a couple weeks now!! 

He is so happy! He smiles a TON and is starting to babble a lot. He is in 0-3 month clothes and eating a decent amount (not near the volume his older brother would guzzle down haha) but he IS eating fast  so that is awesome lol :)

He loves his play mat and bumbo chair and if he is not in one of those he is sleeping soundly in his swing! He seriously hates tummy time but he can hold his head good and is starting to wiggle around so we might see some rolling attempts here soon! 

And he is seriously the cutest baby ever! I just love the baby stage and I can't believe he is 4 months already :( 

I'm not the only one who loves him though... his big brother thinks he is pretty awesome! He always asks to hold his "baby" and loves to hug and kiss him. Banner will just sit in his chair and watch Boston and laugh haha, they are good buddies already! 

I can't wait to see these two running around and playing together! 

All my boys in one bed! haha bedtime story is probably my favorite part of the day!

And in other news... Brent and Rachel are having a baby in March and it's a GIRL!!!!!! Can you believe it!? We are all so excited to have a little girl around! They waited a long time to get pregnant and after the second round of in-vitro it worked so we are so happy for them!! She came over a few days ago and I helped her with this adorable announcement which was so fun! I get to throw her a shower too in Jan and have already started on some things... it's gonna be amazing! 

But I have finally got halloween all ready to go (Boss is a dinosaur, Banner is an owl, and Brian and I are Ash Ketchum and Pikachu) and I can't wait to take pictures and take Boston and Banner trick-or-treating! I LOVE halloween! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

It's my party and I'll buy dolls if I want to....

Ohhh em gee! I have been waiting for this day for what seems like forever! Haha. A few months ago I found out that disney had a "Disney Fairytale Designer Collection" of barbies and I fell in love, I told Brian I NEEDED them and so of course because he loves me so much said I could get them! 

Brian went into the disney store to find out more about them and the lady told him the only people that will want them are eBay-ers, collectors and fanatics hahah.... I guess that makes me a fanatic? I have come to terms with it. Check out that awesome bag it came in too! Ahhh they are so pretty I love them! 

I am not going to tell you how much they cost... because it's pretty ridiculous haha. This year they have 5 sets coming out (Tiana, Pocahontas, Cinderella, Mulan and Aurora) and the process of getting one is pretty intense haha. They release one couple every Tuesday! You go to the disney store between 12:00-1:00pm to put your name in a draw. Then at 1:10 they start drawing names, and if you are called you can buy one. They only make 6,000 for the entire WORLD so the disney store here in orem only had 12 to give away.....

Well who would have thought there would be so many freaks like me.... It was packed!! Granted everyone who wanted one brought a whole entourage so they could get a bunch of names in, I only had Brian so I was getting pretty nervous that I wouldn't get one haha. But Brian's name got called and I screamed and jumped and Brian was so embarrassed hahaha.... Good thing he came cuz my name never got called! I think there were close to 10 people here that never got one so I felt pretty lucky! But they will have a few available online tonight at midnight... I'm just glad I don't have to stay up that late now lol. 

So happy!! Isn't she just the prettiest thing ever? I have to wait two weeks for Aurora... Of course the two I want are the most popular and hardest to get haha so we will be doing this all over again then! Fingers crossed! I'm so sad I didn't know about these when they started last year, because they had some pretty amazing ones come out.... How did I miss that!? Last year they had Snow White, Jasmine, Rapunzel, Ariel and Belle!! What!? I told Brian I would really love Ariel and Belle cuz those 4 are my favorite, so he went online to see if he could still get them. We'll those dang eBay-ers have them all and they want about 4 times the amount for them now hahaha so I have to use up Christmas and birthday wishes for a few years here but I WILL get them!! Brian was tempted to get a hold of a few Cinderellas and make some serious profit on them lol... Not a bad idea I think! 

This was Boston's face when I told him we were going to the mall to get a Barbie during nap time... Haha just kidding. He was pretty patient though. 

This was a long post about a very expensive Barbie no one probably cares about hahaha but I am so excited!!! It might be (actually I'm quite positive) that it is so ridiculous for a 25 yr old to be this excited about Barbie dolls, but anyone who knows me will understand how excited I am today!!!! Can't wait to get Sleeping Beauty!! Woohoo!