Friday, October 31, 2014

This Is Halloween....


It is seriously so fun....playing dress up, carving pumpkins, candy!?!? What's not to love?

Since pulling out all the Halloween decor I have learned that Boss LOVES pumpkins, I had to buy him his own play pumpkin because he kept trying to steal all mine haha.  

How cute is this little dino? If you have noticed his red nose it is because he face planted on the driveway haha. He survived...

We had a ward party last Saturday and got all dressed up and had a blast! Boss was a T-Rex...

Banner was the cutest owl I have ever seen....

I was pikachu....

And Brian was Ash!! We were one of the select few adults who dressed up at the party haha. But I'm glad I have a hubby who will do just about anything to make me happy, dressing up on halloween included! We had a lot of fun at the party and I even got 2nd place in the chili cook off!! 

I had to include this... Banner HATED the hat part of his owl, he would scream and scream when I put it on so this was the best face I got out of him with it on lol. Still pretty cute though...

Then on Monday for F.H.E we carved pumpkins!!! I think this is my fav part about halloween. Here is Boss drawing on his, he thought this was so awesome. I got the idea from my cousin Kylie, it might be common knowledge to let your kids colour on it first but it never occurred to me until I saw her little girl having fun doing it! 

Scoopin out the guts! 

Finished products! Brian's, Mine and "Boston's"

But then Friday finally rolled around and it was time for candy!!!!!

My aunt Sina gave me about a million costumes before she moved away haha so I had to do a wardrobe change because I couldn't decide between the dino and kangaroo... I mean look at that fat butt!!! It's so cute!!!!

We went to Brian's work in the morning and trick-or-treated to all the cubicles there for a little while. This was when Boston first started to figure out how awesome halloween really is haha. He was already hopped up on sugar before the real trick-or-treating had even begun! 

Everyone would ask him to jump like a kangaroo and it was probably the funniest thing I have ever seen! I wish I had caught it on video! He was having a lot of fun despite having a bad cold! 

And this little gaffer is just so good and so cute! We stopped by Brian's grandma's house after for our first house! They got spoiled there... 

And then Boss and I headed out while Banner and Brian stayed home to hand out candy/watch basketball lol. Notice yet another wardrobe change haha... I told you... millions! He had spilled all over the kangaroo too so we were kinda forced to :) 

Our neighbour hands out home made cookies which was Boston's favorite, he loves cookies! Who doesn't amiright!?

We went out for about 45 min and got a ton of goodies!! Checking out his spoils! 

He was so excited he just popped the candies in his mouth wrapper and all... "It tastes better this way mom I swear!"

It was another successful Halloween! I'm kinda sad it's over... :( but now we got American Thankgiving and CHRISTMAS to look forward to!! YAY!

And just one more adorable picture of my boys to top it all off!! 

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