Thursday, November 27, 2014

Boston Bash for my TWO year old!!!

My little Boston will be 2 in 3 days!!!!
I can't believe I have a 2 year old :( 

I have been planning his party for a long time and I was so excited to finally get started! 
I spent all day Tuesday making his birthday cake and he definitely took advantage of me being distracted... look at the state of my pantry!! And look at who has their filthy paws all over my coveted Canadian chips! Stinker....

I decided on a Boston Celtics theme... for my basketball loving Boston! (notice the Boston get-up so he matches the whole theme as well haha)

I had basketball decor and real basketballs all over but I wasn't letting him touch anything until the party at 6 that night (Wednesday)... it was a great trial for this guy.

But dad finally got home from work with the balloons which meant the party was so close to starting!!

He LOVED the balloons....

We are still playing this game today... and probably until all the balloons are gone haha. 

Here is the finished product!!! I was pretty proud of this one... I LOVE parties!

It was a big hit with the birthday boy :) We had great grandma and grandpa Hamilton come and grandma Laurel came all the way from St. George too!! We just had burgers, cake and presents but it was so fun to celebrate with family! 

The cake!!

We had everyone sign the basketball with a little birthday message :)

It was really fun to watch Boston start to catch on to the whole idea of presents... made me super excited for Christmas, it will so fun this year!

He got spoiled of course! He loves basketball, cars and boats right now so he got lots of those and just LOVED it! He was so excited to wake up today and play with his new cars :) 

I thought this video of Brian trying to find the buttons on the 2 yr old toy was hilarious lol. 

He also got this awesome table and chair set from Ron and Laurel which was my favorite gift haha, it is so cute and the perfect little kid table! It will be put to good use for sure!!

And I really wish that blogger would let you put up longer movies because Boss was SO CUTE while we were singing to him laughing and smiling, but I can only put a few seconds up so I decided on the candle blowing because that is just funny...

Boss loves cake and ice cream (who doesn't!?!?) but the whole cake situation was much cleaner this year haha. 

The difference a year can make! 

We love this guy and are so proud of him! He is so, so, SO busy and crazy but he is always happy and just such a good boy! Couldn't of thought up a better kid if I tried :) 

Happy Birthday Boston!!

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  1. SO CUTE! holy crap your creative! and your cake is flawless! Great job Mom! - and Happy Birthday to your Boss-Man. :)