Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Banner Update!!

You know... I was so good at Boston updates but I find myself so busy now and really dropping the ball on poor Banner haha... I guess thats how it always goes though. 
Banner will be 6 months in just a couple days!!! Where has the time gone!? 
(don't mind the insane mane going on here... he got a haircut as you will be able to tell in the next few pictures hah) 

We have tried some rice cereal a couple times here... which as you can see from his face he totally enjoys hah.. not! He is definitely not the eater his bother was... 

We have just switched to 6 month clothes and I am guessing he is around 14-15 lbs now! 

He is getting so big so fast! 

He is the most smiley and happy baby EVER! He is so content and just so chill all the time... even with a cold and eye infection he is so easy! (and how much better does his hair look now? haha this is like his 5th haircut since birth... crazy) 

Is this not just the best sound in the world? He is laughing a lot now, mostly at his brother haha. He loves peek-a-boo and he LOVES to suck on his hands and his blankets. But unlike his brother he hates his binky.. its weird for me haha. (We just got rid of Boston's like a week ago for good... he seems to be adjusting decently lol) 

He loves the jolly jumper and is babbling a lot and rolled over a few days ago!! (just the once so far haha) 

I swear though... this kid is sooo cute but probably one of the laziest babies I know hahah. He is 6 months and just barely able to hold his head up lol. He loves to just lay on the floor and relax. Which is fine by me... It's just so funny how different his and Boss' personalities are already :) 

Boss loves having a brother but seems to think all these new baby toys being pulled out are for him too haha. He is very good at sharing but once Banner is in bed it's his turn to try them all out. And I just love this no shirt, one snow boot look... so classy! 

They are such good buddies and I love that they are starting to play together already! Two boys will be so fun! 

We love this little guy!! 

And if you have noticed all the boxes and mess in the pictures it's because the moving preparations have begun!! I have packed just about all I can until right before the move and have got rid of a lot of stuff! I am so excited to move (not to leave my ward... I am actually kinda dreading that) but I think we will love the new house even more! Everything will be set in stone on Friday so we are just keeping our fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly!

Here's the new house! Only a couple more weeks until it is ours! 

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