Friday, January 9, 2015

Christmas with the Palm Trees

I Can't believe Christmas has come and gone already!! It's still all a blur.... December was probably the most crazy, busy month I have ever had! We seriously just crammed as much as humanly possible into one month haha. 

We sold our house, packed our house, found and bought a new house, Went to St. George for the holidays, came back 5 days later to move, went back to St. George the next day, and came back another 4 days later to unpack!! It is now Jan. 9th and I finally feel like I can breath! 

I'll be honest, our move was at the worst possible time... we didn't really have a choice but it was sad to interrupt our fun holiday with all the driving and moving haha. But we did it and we had SO much fun with all of Brian's family. 

We didn't get there until about 3pm on Christmas Eve (If Brian worked a half day we got 2 paid days without using PTO) but most everyone was working at the restaurant until 4 anyway so it worked out! 

Laurel had a lot of fun little activities for the boys to do! We had a "snowball fight"!! Since we were in St. George there was no snow so Laurel made these white pom poms to use haha... she is the cutest. The boys had so much fun throwing them around. Boss eventually changed the game into basketball... surprise, surprise... but check out that form haha. He and his dad have been practicing... you should see this kid dribble!

We also played some carols on those numbered bells (which I loved but I think Brian and his brothers thought otherwise haha) and did a nativity on a flannel board. We had a yummy turkey dinner and watched the grinch and opened our Christmas Eve packages!!

All the boys got matching jammies, slippers, stuffed animals, a book and some treats! 

Boston's fav were his bball slippers and his juice box haha. He spent about 30 min taking the straw out and trying to get it back in the hole... what fun lol. 

Banner loved his jammies! Thankfully Laurel got a bigger size cuz this boy is finally gaining weight! look at those cheeks!!

He is the happiest, easiest baby! I just love him!!

Banner and Oliver are only 3 months apart! Banner is older but still a little smaller than Oliver.. he is catching up! 

We tried to get all 4 boys on the couch for a cute picture... as you can imagine everyone was pretty cooperative except for Boston haha. 

This is the best we could do. 

But before bedtime I made the boys put out their stockings... they could have cared less haha but that is one of my favorite parts!!

"what am I supposed to do with this...?"

But then it was CHRISTMAS!!! I was SO SO excited... I did go a little overboard this year... haha but it was so fun having a little boy that is starting to figure everything out! I actually spoiled Brian the most but... I guess he deserves it lol. 

Checking out his stocking! He was so excited about his motorbike!

Grandma Shari sent down this chair which he LOVES!! It is so cute!

Banner got one too it just didn't make it down, but he won't be using it for a while anyway haha. I will say he got a little jipped this year by me haha but we have SO many baby toys already.... he seemed perfectly content with his new rattle and book. 

And I was most excited for Boston's slide! 

It was a hit... him and Vince played on it a lot! I was so happy! 

They were hilarious actually... these kids are complete opposites but it amazed me how well they played together! They were running around and talking and laughing all week together!! We really miss our friend already! 

We all got incredibly spoiled by Ron and Laurel as always. Boss got his own little iPad which he plays with all day long. He is still al little young for it but it doesn't seem to bother him haha he just pushes buttons and has the time of his life. 

Boss and Vince also got this joint present... it was a huge rocket ship that you can go inside and color. They loved it.... it ended up pretty much destroyed in a couple days haha but it was really cute watching him and Vince play together in it. 

I got a year supply of food storage (yes I did ask for that) and I was SO excited!!! So when the Zombies come you are all welcome to my house... actually just kidding, every man for themselves... 

And we had a little Christmas miracle... it SNOWED!!!! Only for like 5 min, but it still snowed in St. George on Christmas Day! :)

And since Ron and Laurel opened a Pizza Pie Cafe we have started a new amazing Christmas Day tradition... going to the closed restaurant and making our own pizzas!!!!

This was seriously so fun... look how happy my cookie dough loving husband is!! They have a bunch of dessert pizzas, one is cookie dough and they make everything from scratch so we always have a healthy supply of cookie dough now haha. 

Making the pizzas! I have a pretty cute chef..

All done! This pizza was mine and it was.... probably the best pizza I have ever had. So good!! 

While we were there my brother Brandon who is in New York on his mission got to facetime me for a couple minutes!!! That was my highlight of the day. I miss that guy... he is doing so great!! He is in a really scary, ghetto area but Bandon makes anywhere fun! He was in shock of how big my boys were, they are gonna love their uncle Brandon when he comes home! (and maybe to BYU which would just be SO FUN!)

And the boys loved running around in an empty building. It was a fun day!

But then we ran back home and moved and came back in time for new years!!!

Happy 2015!!!

We had a chocolate and cheese fondue, played games and watched the count down! 

Laurel got the boys a bunch of hats, and noise makers, but their fav was the silly string. They sprayed the ENTIRE bottle onto grandpa haha. What a good sport...

We will really miss being with family. It is my favorite thing to do. I wish everyone lived a little closer! We don't get to see Tyler and Steph very much which is so sad because our boys have so much fun together!! They are all so close and so funny together. And Brent and Rachel will be moving to Florida soon... their little girl will only be 6 months old when the leave :( So sad. So we really cherish these times when we are all together cuz they are just gonna get more and more rare. 

But now we are in our new house and LOVING it!! I am so happy we decide to do this, we have paid off all our medical bills and got a newer house which I really, really love! It has been a great but insane month! 

Here are the boys enjoying our new awesome yard and swing set! 

I will post pictures soon... but I have to paint my ENTIRE house first haha. Our room is forest green, the boys are gold and the rest of the house was just painted really poorly... so when I get that done I will post pictures! Wish me luck! 2015 is gonna be an awesome year at the Hill house :) 

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