Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice!!! That's what baby showers are made of :)

You Guys!!! I did it! I painted my whole house and got ready for Rachel's Shower in just over a week and I think it turned out really well!!
I was IN LOVE with the invitations! I got them off of Etsy and added the doily and twine :) 

I had Steph and Laurel help me put them together over Christmas!

But then it was finally time for the actual party!!!
Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice :) 

It was SO fun planning a party where everything could be PINK!!! 
As soon as Rachel found out it was a girl I knew I HAD to do her shower, I was so excited! (And guys... don't ask my why I left that big green bowl there for pictures haha.... as you can see I tried to use my exceptional photoshop skills to take it out in the first picture lol. A for effort amiright?)

And I am especially proud that Rachel liked the fabric banner so much she took it for baby girl's room :) Success!

I really, really love throwing parties! I wish I were a little more talented and rich so they could be "Pinterest ready" haha but it was so fun to plan this girly shindig!  

We had pink fondue (credit to Laurel for providing that!), pink cupcakes, pink sugar cookies, powdered donuts (cuz who doesn't love a good powdered donut?), Costco sandwiches, and LOTS of yummy things for dipping in the chocolate! We had so much food, but that's always the best part of a party so it was awesome! 

And of course pink lemonade with pink paper straws, so cute!! I wish everything could be pink everyday!!! 

We had a good turn out and played a few fun games! 

Station 1 greeted everyone at the door, the infamous "Don't Say Baby" game :) 

I had gathered a big basket full of fun baby girl essentials and everyone had to guess the price of the basket for a prize! The basket was my gift to Rachel and I have to say... it was really fun running around the stores picking out girl things for a change ;)

We had a "Message on a Diaper" station

Just using coloured Sharpies to write funny messages that can be read for those late night diaper changes :) 

And my favourite station was the Onesie Decorating! Laurel of course planned this one and that is why it was so amazing, she was a huge help! And she unfortunately got really, really sick so couldn't make it to enjoy all her hard work :( Only She could be sick and still pull this off, it was a big hit! 

She had a bunch of cute stencils and swatches of fabric ready to be cut and ironed on! It was really fun and they turned out so cute!

She is gonna be a well dressed little girl! 

And then the best part of any baby shower is opening presents and gawking at all the amazing little clothes!! 

She got so many amazing little outfits and the cutest little peek-a-boo bear from her mom that actually plays peek-a-boo with the baby!

And Rachel had a brilliant idea of asking people to bring baby books instead of cards so she got a ton of really amazing books too! This little girl is gonna need her own library! Just like Belle :) 

But we were so grateful to everyone who came to make it such a fun day for Rachel! 

She has some pretty awesome friends and family, I think it was a success! And how cute is her little baby bump!? 

But I made these little party favors to send home with everyone to go along with our theme! 

Home made sugar scrub!! I found it on pinterest of course and they actually tuned out pretty cute! And I did try it out and it did in fact make my hands very soft... for about 5 min haha. But I think everyone like it :) 

It was a fun day and I am kinda sad it is over and I am back to buying blue haha. I am so excited to meet this little girl, she is gonna be so LOVED! 

But as far as the house I just have to get Boston's room finished and then I will post about our new place that we are just LOVING! It was a great move for our little family... literally haha. 

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