Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Little Gaffers :)

I haven't done a update on all my boys in a while and I figured with Valentine's Day and my house post coming up (waiting for our couch to be delivered on Friday) I better do it before I forget and then they are suddenly 18 and I don't remember anything about them! Dramatic...? no....

My boys are seriously the best :) 
We had a fun little Super Bowl party! Boston was loving all the food and sports... his two favorite things! 

Enjoying their white chocolate brownies for dessert! These two are seriously twins... they are so adorable! 

And Boston is getting SO BIG!!!
He really is the craziest, most energetic and best 2 year old I know! 

He is LOVING our new back yard. And luckily the weather has been so nice here so he is out there everyday playing soccer or on the swing set. It really is a nice break for me to get him out of the house for a little bit haha. I can just close the door and he will play out there for an hour or two by himself and I don't really have to worry about him cuz he can't escape! 

He loves it most though when his dad comes home and plays with him out there. They are crazy! They worry me sometimes but we haven't had any serious injuries yet haha... fingers crossed! 

This kid.... have you noticed most of his pictures are with food? haha If he isn't running around playing with a ball he is eating... good thing he is so active or he would seriously weigh 100 pounds!!

He still loves basketball the most but he is starting to just love every sport now. He knows football, soccer, baseball and hockey and loves to play all of them! You should see him dribble and shoot though... its pretty amazing haha. 

He LOVES nursery, although the nursery leaders get a little worn out from him I think haha, he is so tiring if you aren't used to it! He is seriously going ALL DAY LONG!!! 

He is not ready to be potty trained yet but I put some undies on him and he FREAKED OUT!!!! Omg you guys..  he hated them haha. So I have been making him wear them once in a while to get used to them. I am so scared for potty training... it will be a nightmare! 

So I am just gonna enjoy two in diapers for as long as I can haha. 
(more food) This is him saying "cheese" 

I have been real proud of him lately. He is starting to talk really well and is starting to learn a lot like his colors and some songs and things.... I know most kids have mastered them pretty well by now but this kid won't sit down for a second to learn anything so we are just kinda learning as we go haha. He LOVES the movie Frozen, won't go to bed until we read "the witch" (hansel and grettle flap book), is sleeping from 7-7:30, is in 3T clothes, and is just so fun! He is a really good big brother too which is actually kind of surprising haha. He loves his little brother. 

Banner... I swear this kid gets cuter everyday, which I didn't think was possible! 

Brian and I always used to talk about how we were a little nervous we wouldn't like our second as much as Boston haha... but it's amazing how you can just love them both so much!!! I love having two and I can't wait for Banner to grow up a little (well I can....) and see them running around together! 

He is 8 months old!?!?! Omg it's going too fast... This kid is amazing! I was nervous that I lucked out with my first kid being so good and easy and my second would be terrible, but seriously I think he is easier haha. 

This kid never cries!!! He is always smiling and laughing and I just love him!
He wasn't quite as good as Boston with the sleeping... it took him a little while to sleep through the night, but now he is taking 3 long naps a day and sleeping from 6-7:30!!! It's so amazing hah

He is holding his own bottle which is just so awesome!!!!! I think Boston was like 18 months before he did this haha. 

He is pretty much the slowest at everything else though... he is so chill, he loves to just lay there and is so content so I just kinda leave him. He is rolling around really good but I think it will take him forever to sit and crawl on his own! Oh well... he will do it when he wants to! 

He is eating solids for 2 meals and that is my favorite part about babies :) I love feeding them baby food it is so funny! I did find out he is allergic to wheat though. I switched from rice cereal to oatmeal (just cuz someone gave me a box) and he got a terrible puffy rash for almost a week and was puking like you wouldn't believe!!! Who knew babies could throw up so much! Poor little guy was pretty miserable but we are back on just rice and he is much better! Hopefuly he grows out of that pretty soon :s

He is in 9 month clothes and loves to suck on blankets!! And remember how I was complaining that he was so lazy and still wasn't holding his head up right? Well it turns out he is really lazy, but he also has torticollis! I had dinner with my mom's friend who was visiting Utah (who is also a NICU nurse) and she later called with a concern that something wasn't quite right with his neck! I'm so glad I have all these nurses looking out for me cuz I would have never known haha. So I took him to the doctor and it turns out there was something wrong! Torticollis is in one side of the neck where the muscles are really tight (from being squished in the womb or traumatic delivery) and so they won't stretch out all the way! So that is why his head was always tilted like this picture! But luckily his was pretty minor and it is already fixed just by forcing him to stretch it out a little bit! Sometimes they need surgery so we were lucky!! 

But we are finally settled into our new home, I have it all painted and put together the way I like so we are just waiting for our new couch to be delivered and then I will post pictures everyone keeps asking for!! 
I sold our old couches so we have been sitting on these foams for a week haha. Boston has actually really enjoyed it... look how chill this guy it :) Brian on the other hand... is pretty much done with sitting in an office chair all day long haha. Just a few more days! 

And I am so excited for Valentines day!! Brian told me that if I got a babysitter he would plan the date so I'm looking forward to my secret date!! We will be celebrating on Friday because we have stake conference this weekend so we have to go to the adult session sat night!!!! LAME!! But they said they will feed us cake so I guess thats nice haha. 

And lastly can't forget this little guy! My first baby! People told me that once I had kids my dog would be neglected... and it is kinda true haha. But luckily Boston is old enough now that he plays with Bandit tons so they entertain each other... we love our little puppy! He is so good :) Until next time... 

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