Monday, March 30, 2015

Eggs, Eggs, and more Eggs!

We made our Easter Eggs!

I absolutely LOVE doing traditional Ukrainian eggs! It is SO time consuming haha but so fun! I could only convince Brian to do one egg this year, but considering one egg takes like 45 min I would say that's pretty good! He hates stuff like this but he does it cuz he loves me! I will let you guess which one is his :) 

I was so excited to help Boss make one this year! I figured beeswax and fire was a little risky and messy with a 2 year old haha. So we just used crayons for his :) 

He did pretty good! He of course needed a basketball on his so I helped him with that... 

He thought smashing the eggs on the table was the funnest part so we went through a couple...

Putting it in the dye! 

He thought the dye looked appetizing....  news flash, it's not. 

All done! He wouldn't let the egg go so I never got a good picture of it. It was pretty cute though! 

He loved helping me peel the egg and then eating it! I think it's disgusting, I have never been a big fan of eggs... but he seemed to enjoy them! 

Love this guy! He is getting so big! It is SO FUN having a kid old enough to participate in things! Brian likes it too because now that I have Boston he doesn't have to participate quite as much haha. Hence the one egg.... 

I love having a two year old! He can be such a fart at times and is starting to get really good at tantrums, but for the most part he is so fun and hilarious! We definitely have a more exciting home since he came along :) 

And this little dude is getting so big!!!!

He is 9 months old now!!! He is FINALLY starting to sit pretty good on his own and is just a few days away form crawling!!! what!?!? He gets on all 4's all the time and has done a few forward "steps". It won't be long now!! Having two kids on the move is a scary thought haha. 

He is starting to chat almost as much as his older brother now too! He does these hilarious "yells" to let us know he is there, it cracks me up. 

He is in 12 month clothes now and is finally starting to love solid food. I swear this kid... he really is so lazy and chill. I think he would have been "behind" even if he was a term kid but throw those 2 early months in there and he seems so little compared to the other 9 month olds. But that's just what we are used to over here with these preemies. But he is the best and cutest baby in the WHOLE WORLD!!!!! I love him to death! 

I really do love having two boys! Everyone knows how badly I would love a girl but watching these two boys play and laugh together is my absolute favorite thing! 

They are starting to play a lot together and it makes me so excited for when they are a little older and getting into trouble together haha. They are already best friends! 

And last post I mentioned that I had a new little NEICE! Well, I got a special surprise visit from her on Friday!!
Rachel's mom needed to come to Provo before she went home to California to get her brother ready for his mission in a couple weeks! And since Brent and his parents were in Las Vegas for the week for work Rachel and Paisley came down to visit while her mom went shopping! Yay for me!!!

I love this little girl! She is so cute and so GOOD! I got so many snuggles in that day and it was amazing!!! I love little babies! Especially when I don't have to be up all night with them :) 

But now I am just trying to keep myself busy so this week goes by fast because on Friday we get to start our trek up to CANADA!!!!

It is gonna be a loooonnnggg 17 hr drive but I am SO excited to go home with my whole family for a week! YAY!!! Many pictures to come!

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  1. I would never have the patience for those eggs, but they are SO COOL!
    You would have a cute little girl! I say go for it ;)