Tuesday, March 24, 2015

St. George!

We went on a little holiday to St. George last weekend...
...which of course meant lots of yummy cookies from grandma!!

But we mostly went to go meet our new little niece Paisley Laurel-Ann Hill :)
She is just the cutest little thing! We all love her so much already, she is going to be SO SPOILED!!! 

She was a week overdue but still only 7lbs, she seemed so tiny! She was in the NICU for 2 days cuz she needed some antibiotics so we didn't get to visit as much as I wanted but Rachel and Paisley are home now and doing great!! The labour was pretty traumatic lol... 17 hrs I think and then they ended up having a c-section! Which was a good thing because the cord was around her little neck 4 TIMES!! So many blessings.... we are so glad she is here! 

We were there just for the weekend so we really only had Saturday to play but we sure did a lot! Like we always do... Ron and Laurel sure know how to have fun!

Ron bought a new toy, which Boss is pretty much obsessed with now haha. We started it up and it was so loud and scary (I was scared and I think any other 2 year old would have been too haha) but that boy started running to it as fast as he could and wanted in immediately!!

He went on a few fun trail rides and did NOT want to leave... he is all boy. He now not only asks to go in grandpa's boat, but in his the razer too! 

When we got back grandma had planned a little easter egg hunt for Boss man! 

He wanted to stop and eat each chocolate before carrying on haha but he caught on and had a lot of fun! Him and Banner got some sweet gifts from the Easter Bunny, they are pretty spoiled!

Him and Grandma finding eggs! 

one of his gifts was this ADORABLE Boston jersey... I am obsessed with it! He is SO CUTE! 

straight baller..

Banner got lots of goodies too even though he didn't find his eggs very good haha. 

I love these boys :) 

I love that we live close enough to Brian's family that we can go and visit on a weekend. I love spending time with them, just wish we could do it more!! But we get to go up to Canada in two weeks now and I can't wait!!! So I will take lots of pictures then too! 

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