Thursday, March 12, 2015

This Old Man...

Brian is 27 years old!! When did that happen? 

We didn't do a whole lot on his birthday to be honest haha... we were are really, really sick. In fact I think I am STILL trying to get 100% better. But we had a steak dinner after work and a DQ Blizzard cake for dessert, opened presents, and then watched basketball games all night haha. A perfect day for Brian.. 
Here is the infamous cake... this was the biggest headache!! Since moving to Springville the only DQ around is like a 45 min drive round trip (just because of downtown driving). So the fact that I had to go back 6 TIMES for this stupid thing was just insane. Trip 1: Go in to order it because no one would answer the dang phone and of course this DQ does't do online ordering. Trip 2: Pick up the cake. Trip 3: Take the cake back after cutting it and realizing they made a normal DQ cake instead of a blizzard cake.... and yes, it is BIG difference. Trip 4: Picking up the new cake 2 days later (that's how long it takes them to make one) only to get there to find out they gave it away to someone else. Trip 5: Going back in just to order another one with the manager because the girl that was working when they gave my cake away was seriously useless and couldn't do anything. I actually had to start kinda yelling which I don't think I have ever done in a store before haha but I finally go him to agree to give me my money back and still make me a new cake. Trip 6: FINALLY getting the real cake I ordered 2 weeks ago, but I still had to wait 45 min for them to finish it because you know... getting there 5 hours after you told them to have it ready is just too early I guess. OMG you guys I was so mad. And if Brian did't love these stupid cakes so much I would not have gone through all the trouble. But it was the only thing we had planned for his birthday so I was determined to get it right haha. But he got 2 ice cream cakes out of it so he is happy. Lesson learned: do NOT order cakes from the provo DQ, drive the extra 15 min to the American Fork one :)  

Anyway... sorry for the rant but I feel much better now haha. Boys picking off the cookie doughs before the song is even over! Typical...

Going to the backyard to show daddy is present, he was so surprised!!! 

A basketball hoop for the driveway!! Because, you know... every family needs like 16 hoops amiright?

It has been pretty rainy here so it was a few days before we could cement it in and then you have to let it sit for 4 days before playing on it.. so actually last night was the first time these boys tested it out! 

They were out here forever having the best time haha. They are so cute. Boss loves to watch his dad play, almost as much as playing himself! 

Let's just say that having to come in for bed time was a bit of a tragedy... 

I did get a babysitter on the weekend and took Brian to a Jazz game and dinner so he did end up having  good birthday I think! Can't believe we are getting close to 30!!! 

In other news... we bought a new, old van!! I know.. beige. It defy would not have been my top choice but this van is actually awesome! I really love it! 

We were taking our odyssey in literally like every other month for MAJOUR repairs... we had to get a new engine, transmission, seatbelt, battery, radiator, brakes... like honestly what can go wrong in a van? because we fixed it. We were so sick of putting so much money into that thing so we sold it and got a newer Sienna. We got it for a good deal and it has hardly any miles on it and I'll be honest... the Siennas deffs are not as fun or high tech as the odyssey but I think this drives 100x nicer. I love it! We have been told that the 2005/2006 odysseys were terrible and well, we agree! haha so if you are looking for an old van don't get that year of odyssey!!!! 

My cousin Brady went into the MTC a couple of weeks ago! I got to pick him up from the airport and then he spent a night with us before we dropped him off! Boston loved him... He is going to the same mission as Brian's brother Spencer, Novia Scotia! He will do awesome :) I love that my boys have so many good examples to look up to! We have the best family ever. 

And these little gaffers... they keep me busy but are so fun!

Boston: Just graduated to 3T clothes, eats like a monster, still loves bball, still taking one 2 hr nap and sleeping 12 hrs at night, loves his puppy and little brother, loves to be outside and "ride his bike" (he just sits on it) haha, loves Frozen, Tarzan and Daniel the Tiger (we had a little Tinkerbell phase there that I was enjoying but his dad has put an end to that lol), won't go to sleep without one story which is green eggs and ham lately, and just as cute and crazy as ever! 

Banner: Just tuned 9 months old!! He is in 9 month clothes, eating baby food 3x a day, taking 2-3 naps a day and sleeping 12-13 hrs at night, rolling and "Crawling" backwards everywhere! He is still struggling with sitting which is funny to me, he is gonna crawl before he can sit! He will sit ok for a couple min but then fall down, he loves to suck on blankets, its the only toy he needs/wants, and still has no teeth! I think he is getting 4 teeth at the same time right now which hopefully is the explanation to how bad he has been the past couple of days!! He is usually SO easy and happy but I haven't hardly been able to put him down, he is driving me CRAZY but I'll guess we will still keep him... 

And this has been happening a lot lately. I love watching these boys starting to play together, they are already best friends! Banner thinks his brother is hilarious, which he is! 

But we are just getting ready for our trip to St. George when our little NEICE gets here in a couple days!! And then our long trip up to see Canadian grandma and grandpa over Easter! We will be there a week and I am so excited! We have a fun, busy spring/summer and can't believe the first of our trips are already here! Yay! 

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