Wednesday, April 29, 2015


We went to the zoo!!
It has been WAY too long since I have gone to a zoo and I forgot how much fun it was!!! It was such a good day :) 

Laurel has been up for a few days taking care of some things and for Women's Conference but she had a free day yesterday so we packed up the van and took the boys to Salt Lake City for the day! 

This zoo was the perfect size and we had a nice relaxing day playing with all the animals! Brian always says the best pictures on Facebook are the ones with people and animals in them haha so we tried to get as many as we could! (Those are the giraffes way in the back, Boss called them tall horses haha)

Boss walked the entire day! He was so good :)

We had a fun little picnic in between animal watching and took a few stops to these AAAmazing water fountains... I mean really, how fun are they!?

The lion!! He was just laying around a bunch.. as they usually do... but right before we left he got up and walked so close to Boss, he was so excited and was growling at him! 

One thing that was so funny, and quite surprising was how scared Boston was of the big statues (he thought they were real and was pretty nervous they weren't behind the fence haha) They also had new dinosaurs placed around the park that were life-sized and mechanical so they looked pretty real too and since they weren't behind bars either Boss was freaked!!! Poor little guy... 

He started to warm up the the animal statues by the end and would sit on them... the dinosaurs not so much haha. 

Most of the animals came right up to us so it was so fun to watch Boston see all these big animals for the first time. This gorilla was watching these two and then turned right around and pressed his butt up to the glass haha. This is Boss patting the gorillas bottom. They are pretty close...

Playing at the splash pad that didn't have the water turned on yet! haha He still loved it... it was actually the perfect time of year to go. It wasn't too hot and there was hardly anybody there. It felt like we had the place to ourselves!! We will definitely be going this time again next year! 

I think his all time favorite part was the sea lions though. They kept coming up for air right under him and splashing him with water, it was actually amazing!! He wanted to jump in and swim around with them.

We went down below which was also cool to see under the water!

Banner was so good and just chilled in his seat the whole time!! Well almost the whole time...

Remember how he got carsick on the way home from Canada and barfed all over in his seat? Well the same thing must have happened up to Salt Lake and half way through the zoo he barfed everywhere again!!! This little dude has tummy issues. Luckily the bathrooms had massive sinks so I just gave him a quick bath and washed out his seat. He was naked and sitting in a wet seat but he was perfect the rest of the time hahah.... His seat will never smell the same again. 

But right before we left to go meet Brian for supper, Laurel took Boss on the train ride which just made his YEAR!!! He is still talking about it... this kids loves, LOVES rides.

A lot of good memories made that day! It was a keeper :) The zoo is literally the best thing ever!

But as far as boy updates go... Banner is officially crawling!!! He is 10 months old now, in 12 month clothes, he's saying "mamma" and "dadda" a lot (though he doesn't know what he's saying yet), weighs 18 lbs, sleeping like a champ (3 has and 12 hrs at night), and although he has tummy issues and is pretty sensitive he is eating a lot! 

Boston is 2.5 now! He just keeps getting bigger and smarter! He amazes me at the things that come out of his mouth sometimes. This is such a fun age! And the eating on his part is going pretty well too.... haha. 

We had started potty training which was going ok (as well as potty training a 2 yr old boy can go lol) but then he got super hot and cranky so we stopped cuz I thought he was getting sick! Then the next day I noticed his gums were really red and bleeding a bit so being the hygienist that I am I started scrubbing his teeth like 4 times a day thinking he just had gingivitis! haha Well then the next day his tongue was white and his gums were SO puffy, so then I thought he had a yeast infection! But it was the weekend so I figured it could wait till Monday... Well then we woke up Sunday and it was TERRIBLE! It was like a horror film! So I took him to the after call doc and turns out it was the herpes virus! haha. I had a cold sore at the time so I passed it along! And I had no idea when you were little the first time could be that bad, I thought it was just a cold sore! So I am a bad mom and a bad hygienist haha. So we got meds and he is all recovered now so we will try potty training here again next week! Wish me luck!

Love these boys, love my hubby and we are just enjoying life right now! 

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