Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Crazy Boys....

I know this is super late but I had the best, most relaxing Mother's Day ever!!!
I am super, super spoiled! Not just that Sunday, but everyday! I have the best bunch of boys around!

They really are the cutest little buggars!!!! Just look at those faces :)

And Brian TOTALLY surprised me (which is really hard to do with presents haha) with this gorgeous  rose gold infinity ring... I am in love! 

I got breakfast in bed, lots of naps, presents, flowers, and Brian gave a very amazing, very cute talk in church which was a pretty great gift too :) And I also got to talk to Elder Hill who is in New York for a couple minutes!!!!! He is doing amazing and looks the exact same haha I am so excited for him to come home in OCTOBER! And he might be coming to BYU which would just make me so happy to have a family member close!!! 

All-in-all a perfect day! And the day before on Sat. Brian skipped his basketball game to go in a family fun-run with me and the boys which is kind of a present all in itself because he LOVES his weekly basketball games haha. 

I have been trying to get back into shape and exercising pretty regularly, so I thought this would be something different and fun I could do with the whole family! It was a bit early for my boys and kinda rainy so excuse their hair haha but we had a lot of fun! 

It was a bit chilly but they seemed to enjoy the ride anyway! They had a free little "carnival" after the race so it was a fun day for everyone! 

Face-painting after the run! 

He wasn't sitting very still so it's hard to tell babhah but it's a baseball!!

Boss LOVED the free popcorn!!! (and so did mom...)

Bean bag toss!! He was getting sick of missing so he just walked up and placed it in the hole haha.

Banner was SO good and just chilled and slept in the stroller, he is the best baby ever! 

Headed home!! I love these guys so much! 

I seriously can't even remember what my life was like before these crazy kids haha. They certainly make life interesting and I LOVE being their mom! 

They are getting so old and now that Banner is mobile they are the best of friends and just run around together and laugh hysterically, it is my absolute favorite thing to watch! 

Boston is 2.5 now and is... shaving? haha. He loves to watch his dad shave and asks all the time to try, well Brian finally let him one day and he thought it was amazing... 

We have also embarked on the adventure of potty training!!!! He has done surprisingly well! We did the whole be-naked-for-3-days thing and he does so good with #1 and has basically got the hang of it... but #2 is a different story haha. We have YET to go on the potty for that lol. I swear this kid... he would run around with poopy unders all day, it literally has NO effect on him haha it does not bother him in the least. He usually just waits until nap time when he gets a pull-up on so maybe one day we will get the hang of it haha... 

But he is still learning new things everyday and I love watching him discover things! Right now he loves his bike, the chipmunks movie, basketball, and cheerios. He is such a good big brother and such a comedian, we are always laughing at our house because of him! 

Banner is gonna be 1 next month!!!!!! I can't even believe it! I am planning a fun party of course that I am pretty excited for! It is going to be while we are on the houseboat with Brian's whole family which just makes me so happy! 

He is crawling all over the place, starting to pull himself up on things, says mamma and dadda, has 4 teeth, in 18 month clothes, is the HAPPIEST little thing you have ever seen and loves watching his brother run around the house. And I just can't get over how cute he is! 

He is struggling with eating STILL! Remember how he was in the NICU for over a month because he refused to eat... well not much has changed haha. He is still just on baby food and the random cheerio. I tried feeding him oatmeal for a nice "transition food" (or so I thought) and because it has somewhat of a texture he couldn't even swallow it, he just gagged and gagged until he threw up everywhere haha. So it's pretty slow going, but he will get it eventually. Stinker... 

But now we are just preparing for the houseboat in a couple weeks!!! We are going in June this year as opposed to August because Tyler and Steph and their boys can come then! So everyone in Brian's family will be there! It is going to be so fun/interesting with 5 little kids haha but we are really looking forward to it!