Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer Updates!

I feel like so much has happened this summer already and I have yet to blog about ANY of it!

After we got back from our houseboat trip my uncle Brett and aunt Sheri and their 3 girls were coming to Utah to visit for a couple days!!!! I was SO excited, I really hate being so far away from my family so having them come here was just so exciting for me! I really miss seeing them :( 

There were coming because Brett and Shari were running the Utah Valley MARATHON!!! Crazies....

They stayed at a hotel close to the finish line so they could catch the bus at 3 IN THE MORNING to the start line... did I mention they are crazy? So we went and met the girls that morning to cheer them on!!!

Brett and Sheri officially started at 6:00am so we got to the line at about 9:30! And can I just say how much I love these girls? They really are the best and I love them so much! I had such a blast seeing them again, I hope if I ever have a girl she turns out JUST like them! 

Brian got us some fries and drinks while we were waiting and I felt so fat eating my fries while watching all these marathon runners pass the finish line haha.... but they were delicious fries... Boss loved waving to all the runners too and cheering them on! We saw a few people being carried across by medics and I gotta say it kinda turned me off running for like... ever haha. 

But then we saw these two lovebirds crossing together!!!! Look how happy there are, they just ran 26.2 miles people!!! They are so amazing!

After they went back to their hotel and rested a bit, we went to the trampoline park which was kinda hilarious because Brett and Sheri could hardly even walk after! But Boston and the girls had fun! They were all very cute to watch! 

Boss was able to climb up to the top of the ramps all by himself this time and slidded down... for the most part haha. 

We did a bit of shopping and went to P.F. Chang's (one of my favs!!!) and then said goodbye already!! I cried of course... I hate saying bye to my family. But they had to get back by Monday so that Elizabeth could go on her school trip to the Calgary Zoo. haha I thought that was the cutest thing ever that they drove all the way home so she could make it. I still remember my school trip to the Zoo though and it was pretty amazing so I don't blame her... I just wish I got more time! 

But then Ron and Laurel came and we had a fun weekend with them too!!
They took us to the "This Is The Place" Heritage Park in SLC and it was so fun!! This train takes you all over to the different sites and the boys LOVED it!! Boston is obsessed with trains. 

It first took us to the Brigham Young lake house and no one wanted to go but I made them haha. I like museum type things and learning about all the old ways but Boston hated it because you couldn't touch anything and it was boring for him (and Brian and Ron haha) so he was pretty cranky, but it was pink and it was cute!!!

Then the train takes you to an old village and you can go in all the houses and shops and it is so cute! They had a petting zoo and you could ride the ponies!!!! Boss fell in love with this horse named "Chip" and I couldn't help but be a little sad that he won't get the chance to ride horses with my grandpa :( Those are some of my favorite memories and I sure miss him and my horsey Blue. 

Banner and Laurel were good sports to sit and watch! haha This kid loves to just sit and cuddle so he loves when Grandma comes!

The petting zoo was a big hit too... except that he tried to pick up every animal he came across haha. I am quite surprised we had no biting incidents! 

But in the middle of the village there was a splash pad!!!!!! Absolute heaven for this little boy!!

You can hear Ron say in this video "much different from the Brigham house" haha. No truer words... it was like night and day from a super whiney, cranky boy to this crazy, fun, happy kid! We spent a looong time here :) 

Banner loved it too... he was doing this hilarious crawl/walk that he had never done before! But the splash pad was a definite hit! I need to find one close to home we can go to more. 

Laurel and I walked to the ice cream shop and got some yummy ice-cream cones!! We love summer time!!! 

Last stop was the old fashioned candy store wish was AMAZING!!! We got lots of goodies :) 

We found this trapper hat too which I kinda fell in love with but it was too small! So we didn't get it :( 

But we enjoyed all our treats on the train ride back! 

and then ended the day with a picnic at the memorial! 

We always have so much fun when Ron and Laurel come to play and we really appreciate all the cool things they take us too! 

We have had an amazing summer so far and it's only June!!! 

I never even blogged about Father's Day either! I am so behind... 

We woke up early and made Brian and healthy, well-balanced breakfast of bacon and white cholcolate brownies hahaha. The boys were being such goof-balls so we woke him up and he never actually got it in bed but.... I think he still enjoyed it! 

It was Brian's cousin Tynan's home coming that Sunday so it was really fun to get to go to a lunch with his family before church and then hear his amazing talk on Father's Day! I love homecomings they are so happy! 

After church we just relaxed and gave Brian a few little gifts. I made this cute little "pop" basket...

...and the boys gave him this sign we made together! There is some blank space on the other end for some more hands ;) 

But now we are just catching up on some housework, we painted our front door and shutters and now I am working on the boys new super hero room which has been so fun for me! 

And I am just counting down the days until my family gets here for a whole week! But not before our weekend in St. George for July 4th! 

Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Little Monster is ONE!!!

YOU GUYS!!!!! It's happening.... my baby is turning ONE next week :'(

Model baby? He is amazing... 

It makes me want to cry that he is getting so old already but also really excited that I got to throw another party!!! I like the 1st birthday parties best because I get to pick the theme for them and do what I want haha... so we went with Monster's Inc! 

I wanted to do his party on the houseboat this year because all his cousins would be there! So I sent out these invitations to the family (which Brian again proceeded to tell me that I was rediculous) and even though they all HAD to attend, they all RSVP'd anyway haha. They are all good sports when it comes to my party antics....

I had to bring a whole extra suitcase for party supplies and it was a little crowded on the boat haha... but it was worth it! 

I decorated at night when all the kids were sleeping so when they all woke up it was a fun surprise! And the Banner banner looked pretty cool in the morning with the lake and rocks in the distance! 

I saw someone make these party hats in Pinterest and that is when I decided I wanted to throw a Monster's Inc. party... I mean they are pretty sweet!!! I got the hats online and then laminated and glued the logos on. And how cute are the monsters coming out of the table?! 

I made Banner his own special party hat and cool party chair of course!!! I loved this theme so much! 

Brian bought Boston that Sully for Christmas which he just adores and sleeps with every night, so we decided to buy Banner a matching Mike one and I am hoping he gets attached to it as well, cuz how cute would that be!?!? haha we will see if I can actually enforce it or not... 

Grandpa seemed to enjoy them at least! What a party animal! haha

The cupcakes weren't quite as awesome as I was hoping hahah... the boat didn't have any cupcake tins  so I just made a 9x13 and cut them into circles... not the best but still pretty cute I think! The kids enjoyed them anyway... 

And one of my favorite things were the treat baggies! I made each cousin a personalized bag with lots of cool toys! 

I made each boy a bowtie (adjustable even! I was pretty proud of myself haha) and cute little Paisley a headband! 

Party people!

I made each of them sit on the couch and take a picture for me haha I don't think they appreciated it but I sure did! They are so cute! 

I also put in some tattoos and other fun Monster's Inc. toys in the bags and I think they all enjoyed them! 

Vince thought it was his birthday!!! Which is just what I wanted :) 

Those cute thank-you cards were included with the invitations I ordered! 

I was so proud of my bowties and I think everyone had fun! So I would deffs call the treat bags a success! 

Everyone even hauled gifts on the boat for Banner which I really appreciated! 

He got some cute toys and an awesome Batman swimsuit from Brent and Rachel! (which Boss borrowed because it fit him haha) It was amazing! 

Happy and spoiled! Just how a birthday should be right? haha

Boss had fun opening presents too :) 

Then it was time to end with cake and ice cream!!! 

I made this cute little sully cake for Banner's "smash" cake and was so excited to watch him destroy it.....

Remember this guy? This is Boston at his 1st party cake smash and so I was so excited for some more awesome cake pictures with Banner...

So we sang happy birthday (with some pretty incredible singing voices I might add...) and then waited for the cake smashing magic to begin!!

See those eyebrows raised seeming to say "what the heck is this?" yeah well... this is about as exciting as his cake smash was hahah. If it wasn't apparent my two boys are complete opposites already this sure proved it!! 

We did get a tiny bit of icing on his finger after his dad forced his hand haha but that's it!!! 

I didn't even have to throw his birthday outfit away (which is why I make them for easy clean up) because it was spot less! But look how freaking cute he is.... 

He is the happiest, most laid-back one year old I know and I love him to DEATH! He is crawling, pulling him self up on things, starting to take little steps if we hold his hands, finally starting to eat semi-solid foods, has 6 teeth, in 18 month clothes, says mamma and add, and is just such a joy! We love having Banner in our family! 

So now I have a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old and life couldn't be better! :) 

Friday, June 5, 2015

Powell '15

We just got back from yet another fantastic family holiday to the lake!!!!

My little beach bums had so much fun :)

We went in June this year instead of August because then the whole entire family could be there! So we had 9 adults and 5 kids on there! haha it was a bit chaotic at times but so awesome too! 

It was so fun to hang out with everyone at the same time and spend some more time getting know our little nephews and niece! They all were very good and they are all so dang cute!! I mean... look at the swimsuit...

Ron went a couple days early to make sure he found and saved the perfect spot for us and he was very successful!! We parked right on a beach (which are hard to come by at Powell) and had it all to ourselves! 

This boy was in heaven! He would sit on this beach all day everyday if we let him. He is definitely a little fish. 

His favorite thing to do on the beach was just throw anything he could find in the water (usually just handfuls of sand) it amazed me how entertained by this he was haha. 
Very typical face of Boss on the houseboat.... haha

If you are wondering about the diaper... a few people on the boat came down with a bad case of the runs and poor boston was one of them haha. And since we have no washing machine and only a limited number of undies... back in the diaper he went. He didn't seem to mind though lol. 

Him and Vince always were asking to go play in the sand and build castles, they had so much fun together! I think they are gonna be best of friends! 

We got a new toy for the boat this year which Boss was a big fan of too! He called it the little boat...

I was so nervous about all 4 of us sharing a room and how much sleep we would all get... I thought we would all be so tired and cranky by the end of the trip that it wouldn't even be fun... but man was I wrong!!! These boys slept like a dream and we had the best time together!

We love that even when we don't have a lot of money to take our kids places yet we have the houseboat to look forward to every year, so many fun memories made here! 

This year was a bit different... with 5 kids and a pretty windy week I think Brian only went boarding once haha. It was deffinetly a more kid oriented year but I think that is how it might be for a long time now :) It is such a blast watching all these crazies grow and see all the different personalities coming out! I am a big fan of the changes... 

We didn't get a whole lot of boarding in but we went tubing with the boys lots and Boss is still talking about it! This guy is such a daredevil haha... seriously though it seems like the more fast and crazy it was the more happy he gets! He was laughing his head off and kept saying "faster! faster!"

His favorite was riding on dad's shoulders... I was amazed they never fell off into the lake.

He loved it so much it even put him sleep!!!! That is him sleeping with Brian while tubing! haha he is such a weirdo.....

It makes me a little nervous for what he will be like as a teenager lol. 

Banner went on the tube too!!! 

He didn't dislike it... haha but definitely not the same reaction as his brother... we will give him another year or two and I'm sure he will be right there with him! 

He did however fall into the lake with Brian haha. We were about to pull them in but their tube started sinking so Brian just rolled over and they were submerged!! He took it well... no crying! 

I have to say it is at times like these where I just absolutely LOVE having boys... they are so fun and crazy! 

We had a birthday party for Rachel on the boat and had a piñata!!!

It was Boston's first experience and I think he is a fan....

What 2 year old doesn't love candy falling from sky?!?

We had a little party for this kid too later on in the week! He turns ONE on the 11th and I can't even hardly stand it! I wanted to have his party since all his cousins would be there so I hauled all my decorations and gifts on the boat and we definitely partied hard :) I will blog separately about that because I think I took about 1,000 pictures!!! It was a Monster's Inc. theme :) 

Brian and I had a sand building contest and Spencer was our judge... there were 4 categories and I guess it was a tie since we both won 2/4 but I mean let's be serious.... we all know mine was better. I unfortunatly do not have any pictures so you will just have to take my word for it haha. 

The boys also buried Brent in the sand and thought it was hilarious... Vince starting crying when Brent broke out as a sand monster and started chasing him haha but other than that it was a good time... 

Uncle Spencer got stitches in his hands right before the trip so he couldn't do much in the water until the very end, so he went fishing and caught a few fishes!!! Boston of course loved it.

Boss has the best aunt's and uncle's and was having a lot of fun playing with them in the water. Rachel was really good to take Boss out in the lake a few times too and teach him to "swim" haha. I was amazed at how good he was doing though! By the end of the week he was floating on his belly with hands and feet in the air with no jacket! We need to find him some swimming lessons I think...

He loves the water more than anyone I know! 

The week always goes by so fast and I can't believe we are home already! And other than the driver crashing our boat 3 times on our way in to park and putting a few huge holes in it, it was a perfect week! (It was a Lake Powell employee so they will be fixing it, it was a good adventure to end on I guess haha)

When the boys got up this morning I think they were a little disappointed haha our house isn't nearly as fun as Grandma and Grandpa's boat!! 

So we will just start counting down the days until next year!! :)