Saturday, June 6, 2015

My Little Monster is ONE!!!

YOU GUYS!!!!! It's happening.... my baby is turning ONE next week :'(

Model baby? He is amazing... 

It makes me want to cry that he is getting so old already but also really excited that I got to throw another party!!! I like the 1st birthday parties best because I get to pick the theme for them and do what I want haha... so we went with Monster's Inc! 

I wanted to do his party on the houseboat this year because all his cousins would be there! So I sent out these invitations to the family (which Brian again proceeded to tell me that I was rediculous) and even though they all HAD to attend, they all RSVP'd anyway haha. They are all good sports when it comes to my party antics....

I had to bring a whole extra suitcase for party supplies and it was a little crowded on the boat haha... but it was worth it! 

I decorated at night when all the kids were sleeping so when they all woke up it was a fun surprise! And the Banner banner looked pretty cool in the morning with the lake and rocks in the distance! 

I saw someone make these party hats in Pinterest and that is when I decided I wanted to throw a Monster's Inc. party... I mean they are pretty sweet!!! I got the hats online and then laminated and glued the logos on. And how cute are the monsters coming out of the table?! 

I made Banner his own special party hat and cool party chair of course!!! I loved this theme so much! 

Brian bought Boston that Sully for Christmas which he just adores and sleeps with every night, so we decided to buy Banner a matching Mike one and I am hoping he gets attached to it as well, cuz how cute would that be!?!? haha we will see if I can actually enforce it or not... 

Grandpa seemed to enjoy them at least! What a party animal! haha

The cupcakes weren't quite as awesome as I was hoping hahah... the boat didn't have any cupcake tins  so I just made a 9x13 and cut them into circles... not the best but still pretty cute I think! The kids enjoyed them anyway... 

And one of my favorite things were the treat baggies! I made each cousin a personalized bag with lots of cool toys! 

I made each boy a bowtie (adjustable even! I was pretty proud of myself haha) and cute little Paisley a headband! 

Party people!

I made each of them sit on the couch and take a picture for me haha I don't think they appreciated it but I sure did! They are so cute! 

I also put in some tattoos and other fun Monster's Inc. toys in the bags and I think they all enjoyed them! 

Vince thought it was his birthday!!! Which is just what I wanted :) 

Those cute thank-you cards were included with the invitations I ordered! 

I was so proud of my bowties and I think everyone had fun! So I would deffs call the treat bags a success! 

Everyone even hauled gifts on the boat for Banner which I really appreciated! 

He got some cute toys and an awesome Batman swimsuit from Brent and Rachel! (which Boss borrowed because it fit him haha) It was amazing! 

Happy and spoiled! Just how a birthday should be right? haha

Boss had fun opening presents too :) 

Then it was time to end with cake and ice cream!!! 

I made this cute little sully cake for Banner's "smash" cake and was so excited to watch him destroy it.....

Remember this guy? This is Boston at his 1st party cake smash and so I was so excited for some more awesome cake pictures with Banner...

So we sang happy birthday (with some pretty incredible singing voices I might add...) and then waited for the cake smashing magic to begin!!

See those eyebrows raised seeming to say "what the heck is this?" yeah well... this is about as exciting as his cake smash was hahah. If it wasn't apparent my two boys are complete opposites already this sure proved it!! 

We did get a tiny bit of icing on his finger after his dad forced his hand haha but that's it!!! 

I didn't even have to throw his birthday outfit away (which is why I make them for easy clean up) because it was spot less! But look how freaking cute he is.... 

He is the happiest, most laid-back one year old I know and I love him to DEATH! He is crawling, pulling him self up on things, starting to take little steps if we hold his hands, finally starting to eat semi-solid foods, has 6 teeth, in 18 month clothes, says mamma and add, and is just such a joy! We love having Banner in our family! 

So now I have a 2 yr old and a 1 yr old and life couldn't be better! :) 

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