Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Grown-up Projects!

This might be a boring post... but I finally finished my countertops and kitchen table/chairs so I wanted to share the pictures!!!

They took a looooooonnng time and a LOT of work, more than I anticipated, but I am definitely glad I did and I am in love with my kitchen!!

I didn't take great before pictures... but this is what I have:

Plain-jane, badly oiled butcher block! 

After a lot of sanding, staining and sealing....

now they are very dark! I just went to walmart and picked up the darkest stain they had! I have always loved the look of light cupboards and dark countertops. I still have to paint my garbage can to match now too I guess haha. 

The first picture doesn't show them off very good... they really do look amazing in person and I am so happy with them!! You can still see the wood grain really well, this picture shows it a little better :) 

There was definitely a learning curve... haha. I borrowed my father-in-law's sander and that part went really well (can you really screw up sanding?), but then I put too much stain on the first round (it won't dry and stays really sticky if you put too much on which I didn't know starting out) and the only way to get it off is to put another coat of stain on top and wipe it off immediately so it takes the old sticky stuff with it. SO after waiting 2 days for it to dry I went to google to find out with I did wrong and I basically had to stain them all over again.... bummer.  But it fixed it so then it was time for 3 coats of polyurethane, you have to let that dry 24 hrs and sand in between each coat too so it took basically a whole week to do!

But I learned my lesson and staining the table went a bit better....

The only before I could find! 

and after!!

I wanted a more antique/distressed look for the table which I think I accomplished maybe? haha. I wish the middle picked up a little bit more dark maybe... but I wasn't about to re-do it! I was pretty sick of all of this nonsense buy then :) 


There were a few choice words spoken and a lot of "what was I THINKING!?" by the end of the week, but it is DONE and it looks SO much better... well at least I think so haha. 

The boys are glad to have their kitchen back too... there was a lot of eating on the floor and as you can see from their faces they are non too impressed lol. Stinkers... 

But I finished just in time because my family comes in 3 days and I am so ready to party!!! After I clean my carpets with my brad new bissell carpet cleaner that is ;) YAY!

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Superheroes and Fireworks!!!

I finally have received everything in the mail that I ordered for the boy's new room so it is finally time to post and share it all with you!!!

I am so proud of it :)  That TINY vinyl saying says "Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero" which I totally love but it was a lot smaller than expected haha so I might be re-ordering that one!

Some have already seen most of it to be honest, I kept posting the little projects as I finished them on Facebook, but now they are all together and it looks so cute!

I searched online FOREVER to find the perfect bed spreads and I finally chose these ones and I am so glad I did! They ended up being a bit of work... I got them from the UK and I think maybe the bed sizes there a bit different? So I had to sew the duvet smaller to fit these covers and I had to sew in ties so the duvet doesn't move around! 

I had painted these canvas' which turned out a lot better than I hoped haha... whew! 

And my favorite project was this dresser re-model! I went to D.I. and found this awesome white dresser for $35!!! So I painted it and modged-podged fabric onto the drawers and the finished product cost just about as much as what I sold the old one for! Sweet trade-in if you ask me :)

The most difficult project by far was my city mural! I saw a similar one on Pinterest and knew I had to have one... so I pulled out my tape and level and went to work! If I had perfectly flat walls this would have been a lot easier, but the walls in the States are textured, so getting straight lines on textured walls has a bit of a learning curve haha. Luckily I was pretty good at it from the road I had painted in their last room! Anyways... it took a couple days but I am so happy with it so it was worth it!! 

I had this "B" painted from the last room, so we took a family trip to the comic book store and bought a bunch of 1$ comics to re-vamp it! 

I also used the comics to make these pictures! 

I sold the awesome race-car bed (for a lot more than what I bought it for!!!) and traded it in for a bunk bed! I was pretty nervous about my crazy, no-fear two year old climbing up and breaking his neck, but I have to say he has mastered the ladder and he absolutely LOVES his bunk bed! He loves to show off his climbing skills and thinks it is the most amazing thing ever... mission accomplished! 

Banner and Boston won't be sharing this room for a while still... but I just feel happy that it is ready and so cute! Who knew boy rooms could be fun too :) 

But I have been so busy with home-projects I have given myself ( I am now re-staining my butcher block counters and kitchen table and chairs) so I haven't even had time to blog about our fun 4th of July weekend in St. George! 

Brian had Friday off so we headed down Thursday night and just spent the day boating, swimming, eating ice-cream :) and playing! Boston was actually swimming all by himself with his life jacket! I was so proud!!! He can doggy paddle all on his own now and it is the cutest thing I have ever seen! I have looked into swimming lessons for him, but they can't go without a parent until they are 3, so next year he will be a swimming star!! He would jump off the edge all by himself and go down the water slide... this kid is a monster!! 

We always love hanging out with Brian's family! (Banner is crying in this picture because we were playing with small fireworks and poppers haha Spence was a good protector though...) Brian had convinced all his siblings to buy 3DS' so we could all play Pokemon together haha (Me and Brian got some a while ago and have been having a lot of fun together with them) so we spent a lot of time gaming too... you know, a family that plays together, stays together :) 

But then it was Saturday and I was so excited for all the festivities!! 

Ron and Laurel opened a Pizza Pie Cafe this year as you all know, so we got to be IN the parade!! It was SO FUN!! No one got a good picture of the float... silly. But I have to say, I think ours was definitely the best. 

Boston was an excellent pizza mascot! He drove the truck with grandpa the whole way and loved it! He is such a cutie.... 

Brian and Spence were holding a big sign over the truck and some of the employees were sitting in the trailer throwing candy out of pizza boxes! I got to walk beside the truck and pass out water bottles which was actually really fun! It was hot... but fun!! I switched jobs with Brian about half way through and I gotta say, he looked pretty dang cute handing out those water bottles! 

and GUESS WHAT!?!?!?!?

The first recipients of my water bottles were.....

The Sister Wives!!!!!! OMG!!!

 You guys... I LOVE this TLC show, like seriously... huge fan. And I don't think I have ever met a celebrity in real life before so I was pretty star-struck. I reached down to get a bottle out of my cooler on wheels and it wasn't until I was handing it to her did I realize it was Kristine!!!! My eyes got really big and I yelled "OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH" and just hugged her!! hahah she probably thought I was crazy! And I was... but I was in the parade so I had to keep going which was so utterly sad... so after the parade was over I made Brian's whole family wait for me (they are so nice lol) while I ran back to where they were sitting with a couple other girls and got a picture! Best. Day. Ever. 

After that exciting morning me and Laurel took Boston down to a park where they had a bunch of vendors and carnival rides for kids! The boys were party-poopers and were tired from the parade so it was just us 3 but it was really fun! Boss went on these swings and got his serious-but-I-love-this-so-much face on. He is so weird... whenever he is on something he REALLY loves he gets really quiet and serious... he does it on the boat, the razor, these swings, really anything that goes fast he does this and you think he's not having fun but then he will NOT get off and talks about it for days. So this face is the sign of a good time I guess haha. 

We also went in a bouncy house a few times which he thought was hilarious... he mostly just sat and laughed at all the other kids jumping but he seemed to enjoy himself. 

We got snow cones, a few fun toys, saw the sister wives at the park AGAIN! (I didn't go up again even thought I REALLY wanted too... didn't want to be too creepy haha) and then headed home where we had yummy food, fireworks and more fun! 

It's always sad to go home after such a fun weekend but it can't last forever I guess :( I am just trying to keep busy until my family comes for whole week on the 24th!! I am SO EXCITED!!! I love summer time :)