Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Grown-up Projects!

This might be a boring post... but I finally finished my countertops and kitchen table/chairs so I wanted to share the pictures!!!

They took a looooooonnng time and a LOT of work, more than I anticipated, but I am definitely glad I did and I am in love with my kitchen!!

I didn't take great before pictures... but this is what I have:

Plain-jane, badly oiled butcher block! 

After a lot of sanding, staining and sealing....

now they are very dark! I just went to walmart and picked up the darkest stain they had! I have always loved the look of light cupboards and dark countertops. I still have to paint my garbage can to match now too I guess haha. 

The first picture doesn't show them off very good... they really do look amazing in person and I am so happy with them!! You can still see the wood grain really well, this picture shows it a little better :) 

There was definitely a learning curve... haha. I borrowed my father-in-law's sander and that part went really well (can you really screw up sanding?), but then I put too much stain on the first round (it won't dry and stays really sticky if you put too much on which I didn't know starting out) and the only way to get it off is to put another coat of stain on top and wipe it off immediately so it takes the old sticky stuff with it. SO after waiting 2 days for it to dry I went to google to find out with I did wrong and I basically had to stain them all over again.... bummer.  But it fixed it so then it was time for 3 coats of polyurethane, you have to let that dry 24 hrs and sand in between each coat too so it took basically a whole week to do!

But I learned my lesson and staining the table went a bit better....

The only before I could find! 

and after!!

I wanted a more antique/distressed look for the table which I think I accomplished maybe? haha. I wish the middle picked up a little bit more dark maybe... but I wasn't about to re-do it! I was pretty sick of all of this nonsense buy then :) 


There were a few choice words spoken and a lot of "what was I THINKING!?" by the end of the week, but it is DONE and it looks SO much better... well at least I think so haha. 

The boys are glad to have their kitchen back too... there was a lot of eating on the floor and as you can see from their faces they are non too impressed lol. Stinkers... 

But I finished just in time because my family comes in 3 days and I am so ready to party!!! After I clean my carpets with my brad new bissell carpet cleaner that is ;) YAY!

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