Saturday, August 8, 2015

Canadian Invasion!

Well the big family visit that I have been looking forward to for months has come and gone... I am so sad!! Now what!?

We had such a good week with my family and we are all feeling the effects of them being gone, the boys especially haha. But seriously, when does living so far away get easier? Answer: it doesn't. In fact I think it just gets harder and harder lol. 

But we has so much fun!! It started off with grandma, grandpa and Brigham setting up our new trampoline first thing in the morning!!! You can't see Boston's face very well but it is the face of just pure joy haha he is actually in heaven. 

I'm not sure what we even did to entertain this kid before the trampoline... we spend the better part of each day out in our backyard and it was pretty awesome! 

We did have a bit of a wasp problem.. we had like 7 nests under the slide haha. But all the boys took care of them and we are pretty much wasp free now! Only a few stings.... 

And a sprinkler under the tramp? Well thats just a whole new level of amazing. We seriously had to coax him off everyday with treats and fun activities. They were all very good sports about it... 

This kid sure knows how to wear you out... but I did get a babysitter a few times and we went out for some much needed adult time haha. 

And this kid.... he LOVES his grandma. I mean who doesn't? 

I don't know if you can tell but... the boys kinda like having family come visit. They were so hyper and would always be pestering somebody haha. 

My dad could only come for the first half and for some reason I was really slacking in the picture department (too much fun for pictures) so we didn't really get any with grandpa... but he was getting pestered plenty too haha. 

We did do a lot of fun things too I promise, all those pictures are just on my mom's camera! We went to lots of movies and out to eat, to the nicklecade, aquarium, and shopping! And my mom's parents and siblings were staying in a condo up in Park City so we went up there a few times to play in the pool with all the cousins and me and Brigham even got to go on the extreme zip-line at olympic park which was SO FUN!!! and SO scary! I think Briggs was embarrassed of how much I screamed haha. But what are sisters for?

It was such a fun week and I can't wait until me and the boys get to fly home in October because ELDER BRANDON HILL IS COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe he is going to be home in just 2 months!! We are all pretty excited to be all together for Christmas!

But we are just trying to survive until then... like I said, we are all feeling the effects of being on our own again haha. Especially this kid... I seriously think he is in baby depression right now. Either that or teething... but pretty sure its the depression thing lol. 

But now we are back to our reality which kinda looks like this:
haha it's not so bad... 

Oh! And I died my hair while my mom was here... I can't afford to get it highlighted anymore so I wanted to just dye it my natural colour. It is maybe a shade or two too dark but I think I will leave it like this for a couple months before I try a different colour! 
I really wanted to dye my hair grey but no one would let me hahah. oh well... this will do :) 

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