Monday, August 17, 2015

Powell 2.0

We just decided kinda last minute to go back to powell for a long weekend! Brain took Friday off work so we arrived late Thursday night and came back Sunday so it was short but I'm so glad we went! It was so fun and relaxing!!
Since it was so short we just left the houseboat docked but Boston LOVED riding on the paddle board and looking at all the other boats! Grandma was his favorite pilot, I tried and I was too wobbly so he didn't like it haha. She was a good sport and took him every morning! 

Everyone took a turn taking this crazy kid around the marina. He would love the big waves when boats would drive by! He still talks about them... 

Spencer came for the weekend too so it was a full on party! My boys love their uncle Spence! 

All the boys did really good behind the boat this weekend! I was impressed... especially with Brian but I think I'm a little biased ;) 

And I am especially proud of my little 2 yr old fish! He is swimming all alone now (with his lifejacket of course) and it pretty dang good at it! 

Ron and Laurel bought a new tube better suited for the kids with this little wall around it which he just LOVED!! He rode around with me and then Laurel for seriously like an hour haha everyone was such good sports to let him ride so long... he was in heaven. 

But the next day he was feeling extra brave and went ALL ALONE!!! I know it's probably not that big of a deal but I was still a little nervous! This tube is pretty safe though and he can swim decently so off he went! 

He did so good!!! Ron was teaching him the boat signals (fast, slower, home) and he kept wanting to go faster! He is a little daredevil... 

I am scared for his teenage years haha. 

This one loves boat rides too! He loves all the snacks he gets and giggles and dances to the boat music! I love this little guy!

He is starting to be a good little fish too, he likes swimming around and putting his face in the water, I think I will have two crazy boaters next year! But the swimming and the sun sure would wear him out! He slept SO much this trip which was kinda nice haha... 

I love watching everyone do fun things behind the boat. Brian and Spence went for a funny tube ride together. Brian tried wake-skating this year and I finally got to try wake surfing again! I never got a chance last trip so I was pretty excited! It is so fun! 

We sure love this place and my boys never want to leave!! They would stay outside in the water ALL DAY LONG!!

I was kinda nice being docked this time too because we could walk to the store and we went into town to go out to eat so it was a little bit different but just as fun! 

We played a lot on the houseboat too, Boss discovered the shower out in the back and was having the time of his life back there! 

Banner got some fun baths and freezy sessions in the sink!

And of course tons of ice cream treats to cool off! 

Brian did have a little mishap with his glasses haha it was pretty funny... but other than the glasses everyone made it out safe and sound! 

I think going for only two days was a little bit rude to these boys haha they were NOT happy campers the drive home, it is just way too fun at Lake Powell! Can't wait for next year :) 

But we made it back and are just trying to relax at home... is that even possible with these two boys? Probably not... 

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