Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Old Mom and Cute babies!!!!

It happened.... I turned 26!!! OMG......

Do you realize that I am now closer to 30 than 20!? Scary.... 
But I have a feeling this is gonna be an amazing year and I am so excited! 

I had the BEST day!!! 
I got to sleep in and when I came downstairs Boston yelled "Happy Birthday!! We are having a party!!" So we had cake and ice cream for breakfast and partied hard with our party hats!! 

Banner was super sick with a cold/teething but he participated too!

The rest of the day was picture free unfortunately, but we went to a little reseviour/beach here in Springville to build sandcastles and shared some snow cones, it was such a fun family morning! 

Then after nap Brian took me and the boys to the Disney store! haha He hates it but its one of my favorite places to go! And we got a peek at my present! 
The barbies are back!!!! The Disney store is coming out with some new ones with villains this year and I am SO EXCITED!!!! So come October we will be in line trying to buy the Ariel and Rapunzel ones! Don't worry.... I will keep you all updated haha. Fingers crossed I get them! 

But then we got a babysitter and this handsome guy took me on an amazing date! We went to Teppenyaki (my fav!!!), to a comedy club and then out for frozen yogurt. It was such a fun date! I love getting time just me and him :) 

But my birthday is over now and its back to real life but we are staying pretty busy over here! 
These two sure keep me on my toes!!

They are best of friends or worst enemies depending on the hour haha but they are pretty dang cute... 

They are getting so big I can't believe it! Boston will be 3 in Nov and Banner is now 15 months! 

Boston is so, SO busy. He is seriously the craziest kid I know... always going! But he is such a fun little boy! He gets smarter everyday and is such a good big brother! He loves spiderman, pokemon, ALL sports, trains and cars. He is so excited to go on an airplane next month to Canada and for his birthday party! hahaha (yes it is still 2 months away but we are well into the planning stages....)  

He wanted a Spiderman party and I am pretty excited! We are gonna invite friends too not just family this year so it's gonna be pretty fun! I think I am torturing him a little bit though with all this Spiderman stuff that he can't play with for 2 months still haha but he seems just as into as I am! 

He wears this costume all the time and we had a photo shoot for the invitations and this is the best smile I got out of him haha... he's such a goof!!

This little duffer is 15 months old now is is teething like crazy! I think he is getting like 6 at one time right now haha so he is pretty sickly but still such a happy guy!

He is such a happy, snuggly baby and just so dang sweet! He is almost the exact opposite of Boston but they play together so well! He is starting to play a lot more and really loves basketballs like his brother so they have a lot of fun playing "catch" together!

He is already down to only 1 nap, maybe 2 if I'm lucky... but it is at the same time as Boston so it is so nice to have a little me time everyday lol. He loves to play paddy-cake and knows all the actions! Still only says mamma and dadda but he has FINALLY starting walking!!!!

(This video only shows him taking about 3 steps, he can do a lot better I just haven't captured it on film yet!)

And in perfect Banner fashion he just woke up one day and decided he could do it! Ever since he was a teeny preemie in the NICU he has done things on his own time, he is such a lazy kid haha. We were so worried he wouldn't eat, then after a month he just woke up and did it and came home that day! Then he was like 6 months and me and the doctors were worried he couldn't hold his head up yet, then the next day he woke up and was amazing at it. Same with crawling, talking and now walking! He is so funny!  He could hardly even stand 2 days ago and now he is walking all over the place! So I  don't worry about this kid anymore... he will figure it out when he wants too lol. 

Having two boys sure is crazy, and I'm not even sure how I make it through some days... but it is so fun too and I wouldn't have it any other way! We have a lot of fun things coming up with a visit from Steph and her boys, Canada to see BRANDON!! Then halloween, Boston's birthday and Christmas!! I LOVE this time of year! 

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