Thursday, October 29, 2015

Home Sweet Home...

HE's HOME!!!!!!

We just got back from a fun 2 week stay in Canada, and we started off the trip by welcoming Elder Hill home from his 2 year mission in NY, NY!! 

We all got dressed up in Brandon's signature toque, scarf, and fake glasses to welcome him home in style!

And of course made some sweet welcome home signs too, we found out the night before that he got into BYU so this is how we told him! It was pretty exciting... I'm so looking forward to having a brother down here in Utah come January!! woohoo! 

It was a pretty fun day! This is my cousin Kylie's little girl Aubrey who we are a pretty big fan of... Kylie and my aunt Becky and their families came to help us celebrate at the airport and these two have such a blast together!! 
It is so weird to see them again after two years... It's so exciting, and we all cry and we look forward to it for so long, and then 5 minutes after they have been released as Elder's its like they never left haha. Brandon didn't have an adjustment phase at all... he just bounced right back into normal life and is the exact same Brandon we know and love (well not exactly.. you obviously grow and learn a lot on a two year mission haha) Now we just have one more to go! Brigham is working on his papers now... scary!

The rest of the two weeks was filled with lots of relaxing family time just catching up. It's been a while since we have all been together so it was pretty fun. 

This stinker though.. honestly. He is the best, easiest baby at home and he was the WORST on the trip lol. He was playing strange SO bad and would scream and cry around all these new people. He eventually got used to my family, but we had a lot of huge extended family gatherings so when there were a lot of people around he didn't know he was terrible. He also didn't sleep at all... so we didn't do as many outings as my mom had planned haha but still made lots of great memories. He got croupe there too which didn't help but... it was only two weeks and it didn't stop us from still having fun. 

My mom and dad moved to a new area of Edmonton and it is SO beautiful there!!! There are a ton of amazing parks so we went to those a few times and a bunch of walking trails down by the river, I loved it there!! 

Boston's favorite thing was walking down the "mountain" to the bridge over the river haha. (Brandon wasn't working or going to school like the other boys so he got to come out on all our outings too!)

The bridge!!! Boss thought it was just the coolest!

Looking down at the rocks in the river!

Even Banner was enthralled! 

The trails were so beautiful and Boss loved picking up the leaves and smelling them like flowers haha. 

Good thing he is so stinking cute!! 

I love going back to Canada... yes it may be cold but it is beautiful and it will always be home <3

Boss found a sweet walking stick on our walk and forced grandma to fit it in her car and bring it home haha. 

We love Grandma's house and can't wait to go back in just a couple months for Christmas!! 

We went to West Ed a few times for shopping, galaxy land and poutine (to get more barbies too but I have to wait to have them officialy till and one day went to visit uncle Brigham working at the trampoline park!!!

My boys have always loved places like this... perfect spot for a boy to run around and be crazy haha

This Edmonton one was the best we have been to by far!! It had a huge toddler-friendly section that none of the others we have been to have had. There was a small climbing wall and foam pit, a slide, little trampolines, big building blocks and this amazing screen on the floor to play games on and step on the monsters, it was SO FUN!!!

Brigham couldn't play a whole lot since he was working haha... but he still found a bit of time. 

But two weeks was up and it was time to make the 18 hour drive home!!! My boys do so amazing in the car though and we split it up in two days so it went much better than expected. I did miss Brian just a tiny bit too so I was pretty excited to go home and see him :)

My mom, Brandon, and Brigham drove us home so they are staying at our house for a week now and we are having a blast!! They leave tomorrow and I am trying not to think about it... it's gonna be a shock to all our systems after having them around for almost a month. Luckily it's not too long this time until we see them again. We have all been spoiled with Grandma Shari around!!!! 

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