Monday, November 2, 2015


I LOVE Halloween!!! I'm kinda sad it's over... we had so, so much fun this year!! 

My family was down for a few days and they did leave before actual halloween but we still did a pretty fun festive activity!

There was an amazing pumpkin patch in Springville that we visited! It was only 1$ to get in and everything is free!! There was a little petting zoo....

Hay ride through the pumpkin patch and corn fields....

A HUGE corn pit that Boston just thought was the coolest!

He loved getting buried in corn by his uncles...

Brigham wasn't in the mood for pictures I guess and threw a bunch of corn at me when I tried to snap a photo....jerk...

A haunted house haha... keep in mind everything was free. Boston ran back and forth a couple times so I assume it was pretty kid-friendly haha. 

 And a huge hay slide! It was a pretty big hit :)

It was pretty fun especially for being free!!! There was a corn dog and crepe stand so we bought some of those and they were SERIOUSLY the BEST corn dogs I have ever had... mmmm. 

But before we left we went to go pick out our pumpkins!!

Bostons LOVES pumpkins and was in heaven with the hundreds of pumpkins everywhere. He is hugging the one he picked out haha. 

This is the one I picked out... isn't it the most beautiful pumpkin you have ever seen in all your life!?!? I was so excited to carve it!!!!

I couldn't get the best picture of it lit up... I still need to learn quite a few things about my camera haha. But I did the old hag this year! 

Boston loved scooping out the "guts" and played with his pumpkin the whole time I did mine. 

I did finally get him to put the spoon down and colour on it a little bit...

Boston's masterpiece haha.

Banner just wanted to hold his lol I ended up carving a little face in his but I never took a picture! Brian didn't get to carve one this year, we did it while he was at his GMAT prep course, but I don't think he was that heart broken over it haha. 

And I of course got a few halloween crafts done this year! 

I went to one of those wood cut out stores with Laurel last month and picked these out, I will definitely be going back every season!! It was SO FUN!

And I made a cute halloween wreath!! 

Our ward party was the night before these guys left, so I pulled out the costume chest and they dressed up as wizard of oz for the party!!

We were the Little Red Crew this year!! 

I got this sweet wolf costume as a hand-me-down from my aunt so then the little red idea was born!

Practicing his wolf "roars" haha

We dressed up for the ward party, trick-or-treating at Brian's office and a friend's halloween party!

My little hunter!!

This little stinker had been so good ever since we got home... haha he's a fart. We never did find him a toy axe... me and my mom looked everywhere, but it was still a pretty good hunter costume I think. The beard kills me...

He thought Boss' facepaint was pretty awesome. 

And my favorite part was the grandma!!!! Brian is the best haha he is such a good sport and just dresses up as whatever I tell him to be. He won two different costume contests though!!! The trick is to just be as humiliating as possible I think haha. He did look pretty awesome...

And I was little red! Mine was pretty simple, I just sewed my red cape and was good to go!

I love dressing up! I'm not sure how much longer I can do family costumes... Boston was already pretty adamant about being Spiderman, so I promised him he could be Spiderman for trick-or-treating!

I was trying to get a before picture but he just kept wanting to "fight" haha so this is the best I could do...

I did snap this cute one outside! I love having little boys to dress as superhero's, it's so cute to watch him get into character haha. 

He LOVED trick-or-treating this year it was amazing! He was a little eager and would ring the door bell and then knock on the door until they answered haha. 

He said "trick-or-treat!!" all on his own and we went a pretty long time for a 3 year old I think. He was having so much fun, and so was I :) I love this age so much!! Brian stayed home with Banner to watch basketball and hand out candy haha. 

Boss loved all our neighbors decorations too, he loves halloween and is already talking about next year!

Now I am just in birthday party mode, we are having our big Spiderman party in 2 weeks!!!!! It's gonna be so fun!! 

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