Saturday, November 14, 2015

Spiderman Party!!!

Well.... the party I have been looking forward to and planning for 4 months finally came! I am kinda sad it is over but it was SO FUN!!
Our sweet Spidey theme!

Parties like this make me pretty happy to have boys :) I love superheroes and Boston has been really into Spiderman lately so he was just as excited as me for his Spiderman birthday party!

Watching his face when he first saw the table made all the work worth it!! He get's so excited now and I can't WAIT to see him at Christmas this year :) 

This was my first party that I have thrown where we invited friends and not just family so I was excited/nervous because I felt more pressure to make sure everyone was having a good time haha... family can just deal with whatever I give them. 

I was pretty proud of the cake this year! I keep getting better with each one, I just wish I had more opportunities to practise. 

I spent A LOT of time making all the treats haha, but I think they turned out pretty good! This was my first attempt at royal icing, they look good from far away haha. I had to put SO much food coloring gel in the icing to get the red though that that's all you could really taste, so they weren't the yummiest cookies I have ever had but.... good for pictures right? 

I put some in baggies for the treat bags. I don't think the kids minded the icing haha. If I could master this art and buy some decent color gels I think I might have a new favorite thing!!

I loved how these Oreo pop's turned out and they DID taste good, bonus! 

Personalized Spidey treat bags!!

Web Shooters! My printer ink was running out so they are hot pink haha

I had this game set up for them to use the "webs" and shoot the bad guys!

Boston could hardly push the button, but the older kids liked it!

The finished product! What a masterpiece :) 

We also had popcorn because... I love popcorn! 

I found these cute cups and the dollar store that they got in their treats bags too!

I had a little separate section for the girls treat bags because pink is better than red but it did't really go with the table haha


And my ALL time favorite thing about the party was the capes!!!!

I made these reversible capes a few months ago for party favors and I am so proud of them!!! I am not a great sewer so this was a big deal for me!

Wonder woman and Spiderman on the other side! (I know, I know.. Spidey doesn't have a cape. But it was a Spiderman party!)

I also had pin the spider on the web game...

And the kid's favorite was the Piñata!!

Boston wouldn't keep his blind fold on but he sure liked to hit it with the baseball bat!

They all cleaned up the candy pretty fast! Boston picked like three and was done haha

The rest of the time we just ate lunch and hung out. It was SO NICE outside I couldn't even believe it was November. So the kids spent a lot of time outside which was nice. 

We have the best friends!!

My little ladies man haha

How cute are these guys eating in their capes!?!? I was so happy to see all of them enjoying the capes that took me forever to make haha, worth it!

We then had presents and Boss got spoiled with so much Spiderman stuff! He was in heaven!

and of course cake and ice cream :) Boston did much better at blowing out his candles this year... still large amounts of spit on the cake though. 

We had such a good day and I am SO grateful to everyone who came and made it so fun. You are the best!!!

And I almost forgot to add the invitation haha so I'll just stick it awkwardly at the end here :)

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  1. I think superhero themed parties are fun and easy to plan as well. Last month my daughter turned 9 and I arranged her wonder woman themed party at event space NYC. She loved it and that made me really happy.