Friday, January 29, 2016

No Pictures! Just a Love Letter :)

I have been slowly learning that I knew very little about selflessness and sacrifice until this baby rolled around... but I have been learning a lot about it lately from Brian.

It's funny how you think you can love someone as much as you are possibly able, and then you get sick and bedridden for two months and your heart wants to burst!!

I can't even describe how much work Brian has had to do these past few months, in fact just thinking about it makes me cry. But I will try :) He wakes early to get our two crazy boys settled in their bedrooms so they will be entertained for an extra hour or two so I can sleep in everyday. Then he goes to work and kicks butt there. He works so hard and it has payed off so well for our little family, he is an amazing provider. Then he comes home, does a quick clean/toy pickup, makes supper, feeds and cleans the boys, feeds and cares for me, entertains the boys until bed, get them into bed and then does dishes/laundry/chores until bedtime where it all starts over again. I meanwhile just sit on the couch and cry... all day... lol

He has done countless trips to the pharmacy, to Taco Time for cinnamon crustos (which is one of the VERY few things I can eat and keep down), to Wal-Mart for popsicles, and anything else I might need. Not to mention all the meetings and obligations he has with his church calling which he still does faithfully through all of this.  And I have never heard him once say "I am tired", "I wish you weren't sick", "I need a break"... he just amazes me. The amount of times I complain about being sick on a daily basis is astonishing, and all I have to do is nothing hahah. And thinking about how many times I have complained about dishes and laundry before is pretty embarrassing now after watching him do EVERYTHING for a few months now. 

We have a few big changes coming up in the next few months and I am just praying and praying that I start feeling better so I can start getting ready, but I know if I am like this the whole pregnancy Brian will take care of everything and smile through the whole thing. 

There aren't many guys like him out there and I thank my Heavenly Father for him every single day. He is the best man I know and I am so grateful that my boys have him to look up to. If they turn out half as amazing they will still be pretty spectacular! 

We can't wait for this new baby, and even though it has been so hard on EVERYONE we feel so blessed for all the exciting things coming our way. 

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