Friday, January 22, 2016

Perfect End to a Perfect Year!!

I guess I will start with he most exciting news first...  
We are having baby #3!!!! 

We are so excited/terrified because we are told 3 is the hardest, so wish us luck!!!
We had our first ultrasound a few weeks ago which was so fun, the WHOLE family got to come see the baby! I am due Aug. 10th and the baby looks great so far! I had a small bleed but they said that is normal when you are puking your guts out all day, so that's awesome :) People keep asking if this will be another preemie...well the answer is we don't know but most likely haha. They will keep a close eye on me and do everything they can and we will see!! I am hoping I can make it to at least 35 weeks this time haha 

And just like every other pregnancy before, I am HUGE! You guys... this picture is me at ~4 weeks when we found out, and 7 weeks! That is insane, I have never met/seen anyone who pops out quite like I do haha. I had JUST taken the at home test and people were already comfortable enough to ask me when I was due so... I can't keep it secret for long! This is the biggest "pop" I think but it could be because I am starting off bigger then I ever have too haha. 

Boston is so excited for a new baby and carries the sonogram around with him everywhere saying "this is my baby sister/brother" depending on the day. We of course like everyone else are hoping for a girl, but if it is a boy I think I would be a good mom of all boys :) I have prepared my whole life for it haha. Either way this is our last, so we will be happy with whatever our little family looks like :)  

This pregnancy has definitely been the hardest so far. I have been extremely nauseous, dehydrated and tired! My doctor gave it a fancy name "Hyperemesis Gravidarum" but all it means is I am puking an unusual amount even for a pregnant lady and I keep getting dehydrated! I had a scary trip to the ER but now I'm getting IV fluids every other day in the hospital which has been so good but hard because I have two babies at home! I am so, SO grateful to the ladies in my ward who have been helping to watch my boys while I go to the hospital. I am hooked up to my IV for 2 hours so I can't really take the boys with me and I have been so stressed about what to do with them but it has been so easy so far, those ladies are a huge blessing for sure! 

Ron and Laurel came down for two days when I was really bad (I couldn't even lift my head I was so dizzy and shaky) and took the boys, I don't know what we would have done without them. I have the best family!! But I am on lots of drugs and the IV therapy is helping enough so that I can get off the couch twice a day to feed my boys haha. I feel like such a failure as a mom/wife lately and cry a LOT, but Brian has taken over everything and has been beyond amazing. He cooks, cleans, does laundry, dishes, takes care of me and the boys, all while still working full time, doing his busy church calling and applying for MBA programs, he is AMAZING!! Husband of the year for sure :) We are just crossing our fingers this is a first trimester thing and not a whole pregnancy thing haha. It has been hard on everyone! 

But instead of complaining about how crappy I feel for another hour I should maybe quickly blog about our Christmas! I realize it is a month later but... I have been a bit preoccupied haha. 

We had an amazing holiday and luckily I didn't get really sick until after we were home! 

Me and my little helpers put our tree up just before American Thanksgiving while Brian was in class! They were actually not the worst helpers in world haha. 

We went to St. George for Thanksgiving and had a fun Thanksgiving/Christmas celebration there with Brian's family!

Boston LOVES to help in the kitchen and was in heaven when grandpa let him help with the whip cream! Spoiled....

(Grandma's singing Christmas dog was a big hit)
It was such a fun, relaxing weekend! We had an amazing dinner and then Laurel and I went Black Friday shopping which is always a blast!!

We got bundled up and went to the Tuachaun nativity which was too good for words!!! Definitely the best live nativity I have ever seen! Banner was so into it clapping and talking the whole time, it was so fun! 

Santa was there and this picture is the exact opposite as last years with Banner freaking out and Boston being pretty indifferent haha

He did tell Santa he wanted a kitchen though and got a candy cane so, it was worth it! (we forgot his runners so he had to wear his fancy Sunday shoes everywhere hahah)

After the nativity we rode the train around to look at all the christmas lights! Boston was in heaven!! 

Then we got to open presents and we all got spoiled!!! Banner's favorite gift was this chair that he is still obsessed with...

and Boston got the train set he has always wanted!!!! The trains make sounds when you push them and he plays with it every single day! 

I love that we get to have two Christmases haha we had such a fun time in St. George and after we got home we were just counting down the days until Canada!

I forgot the Sd card to my camera of course... so I don't have many pictures at all, but we had such a good time!

The boys did amazing on the drives there and back, they are road trip rockstars now and even slept good in our hotel room!

My dad had got hip-replacement surgery the day before we got there haha so due to him being bedridden and me feeling pretty sick at that point, we mostly hung out at home, but that is what I love most about going back home is just bumming at the house and spending time with my family! We watched a lot of movies (star wars marathon in preparation for the new movie Christmas Eve) and lots of board games!! 

This was the first time in quite a while we have all been together due to missions so we got family pictures taken while we were there!
This was one week after my dad's surgery, pretty good eh? His crutches are hidden haha. 

Christmas Eve we go caroling to the hospital (this is my favorite thing we do but unfortunately due to medical complications this year we skipped that part haha), have chocolate fondue and crab legs (so many crab legs, I stuffed my face and got to enjoy them a whole glorious hour before throwing them back up haha), and then go to a movie that night (which me and my dad also skipped) and then set our stockings out for Santa!!!

This year was amazing because Boston is at the age where he knows what is going on and he was SO excited to see what Santa brought!!

He got SO much from Santa but his favorites are definitely his shield, vacuum and kitchen! I am still getting gourmet meals made everyday haha it is the cutest thing!!!

We also got in some tobogganing, went to Candy Cane Lane to see all the amazing lights, and lots of shopping! 

I realize this post it so late and it's kinda dumb to be blogging about Christmas when it is almost February but I didn't want to forget how much fun we had this year! We have some pretty big changes coming to us in 2016 and we are so excited for what's to come! Hopefully I keep getting better and I can keep up with this blog a bit better haha. 

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