Friday, March 25, 2016

I'm the Laziest Lazy!!

I don't even want to think about how long it has been since I updated this thing.... the past few months have been... hard haha. 

But I am doing it now! Just a short (maybe not so short) update on our going-on's :)

I don't even remember where I last left off, so if I repeat something then..oh well!

We finally decided where to go for Brian's MBA and we are headed back to Edmonton!! I of course am pretty ecstatic about it, I never thought we would actually make it back there. But he got an offer we couldn't refuse :) He starts school early August so we will be up there... sometime before then haha. 

We signed Boston up for soccer (the only 3 yr old sport I could find) and it was basically a bust... haha. He loves sports more than any little boy I know so we were all looking forward to watching him play. 

We got there and they had two nets, a bunch of soccer balls and all the kids were running around and as you can see from these pictures he was having the BEST time! 

It was so cute watching him run around yelling "SCORE!" and I was so excited that we found something for him to do. 

But then it actually started... haha. This was 3-5yr olds and I think he was the only 3 year old there. And once they started there was no more playing soccer. It was all stretching, standing in a line and doing "drills". Needless to say he absolutely hated it and we never went back. We are just going to have to wait another year until he can join an actual league where they play soccer haha. But at least we tried right? We got a cool shirt so that's always a plus. 

I got the fun job of picking up another cousin and dropping him off at the MTC. I LOVE doing this and I am going to miss this fun little job when we move away. I always feel so privileged and Jackson is already an amazing elder! 

The best day we made a fast/last-minuite trip up to Canada for...drumroll please...

Brodie and Angela's wedding!!!!!!!

We are so, so excited for and proud of these two! It was such a good day and I am sad I will have to miss the reception next month but it's gonna be just as fun. I can officially call Ang my sister :)(although I have already been doing that for a while now)

All the older cousin stayed with all the babies during there ceremony at the temple and they did an awesome job haha it was kind of a gong-show but everyone survived! 

We love the Cardston temple!!

Brian had to go back right away but I stayed for a week with the boys. I was still pretty sick at this point so we didn't do a whole lot but it was nice to have my mom and family there to have a little break for a while :)

We did venture out to the ice castles which was pretty amazing! And apparently no one in my family knows how to smile properly...haha

We got soaked bums down the ice slides!

Banner wasn't sure about it haha. 

So many fun tunnels and things to look at! 

But fast forward a month and it was one of my favorite "holidays"... St. Patrick's Day!! I wish I was feeling better so I could have made it as awesome as I wanted but.. we still had fun!

I took the boys out for breakfast and then we came home and got all dressed up! (Banner took a huge tumble down the stairs and got a bloody nose and goose egg in the middle of his eyebrows haha it had pretty much healed by the time I snapped these pictures though)

They wore their hats ALL day, I was so proud! 

We bought a net to catch leprechauns and Boston took it pretty seriously haha. Also, he insisted on putting his hat on by himself....

We just made one joint trap this year which made Brian happy haha, Boston decorated it and I think he did a pretty stellar job. 

No Leprechauns again this year, but we got tons of green goodies!! 

Something new did happen this year though, the Leprechaun left a bunch of special green rocks in our backyard! So we went on a little hunt for all of them. My camera was having issues (or maybe it was me) so the video is fuzzy and the other one is short haha.

Once we had collected them all we threw them in the special water and they turned into gold coins!!! I wish my camera was working and I got more video of this, it was a HUGE hit! The Leprechauns will definitely be doing this again in years to come :) 

But we have been spending a few weekends down in St. George! Tyler, Steph and their boys are there a another month or so, so we are trying to go see them as much as we can before we are so far away!! Tyler is going to Fort Worth, Texas for his residency and we are so excited for them!!! And also a bit jealous... Brian and I both LOVE Texas so we will definitely have to plan a visit there. But I will post picture of those trips soon!

I am finally starting to feel better, I am only taking medicine at night and it seems to keep the puking at bay. But I always tell people, once the sickness ends the bed rest begins haha. I have a bunch of docs who are keeping a close eye on me and being very careful so I am not aloud to walk around much, getting my shots, lots of ultrasounds, all the fun stuff. But so far so good! We had our big 20 week ultrasound and it was officially confirmed it is a girl!!!! I still can't believe it.... I was so nervous they would change their minds at this appointment. I would have had a LOT of stuff to return haha. But luckily I get to keep it all now :)

We have had the name Bailey picked out since we found out we were pregnant with Boston (I have loved that name for as long as I can remember) so I am beyond excited that I actually get to use it!!

I have been trying to entertain myself while on bed rest so I have started on some nursery things! We won't get to set up her room until we move so she might just be sleeping in a play pen for a while haha but it is going to be so cute!!! I still cry at the thought of having a girl, I am SO excited! Boston keeps asking me when he will get to see Bailey haha, he doesn't quite understand, but he is so excited for a sister too. 

Banner has so clue what is coming and seeing how spoiled he is now, it's going to be quite the shock for him haha

I am so excited for our family of 5!! The next few months are going to be pretty crazy. We are listing out house in May and depending on when that sells we might be going straight to Edmonton or bumming off Brian's aunt for a month or two if we have a baby in the hospital! So we are just kind of playing it by ear haha. It's all terrible timing... but we are excited nonetheless :) Lot's of big changes in 2016!!!

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