Monday, May 16, 2016

Bump Update!

I feel like it has been a year since I posted anything... and this one will pretty pretty short and sweet too. This pregnancy has been.... rough haha and I can barely find the energy to keep my boys alive daily let alone blog about it!! But here I am :)

Our house is officially under contract! We had 4 offers the day after we listed and the people we went with ended up pulling out the next day :( So we went from 4 offers to none haha. But we got another offer very quick and we are super happy with it!! We will close beginning of June and they are letting us stay until July, so July 2nd is our moving day!! We are trying to plan as much as possible... so far the plan is if July 2nd comes and no baby (I am due Aug. 10th) then we hurry and drive up and have little Mrs. Bailey in Canada, or if she has come and is still in the hospital come July 2nd then we stay with family until she comes home and head off as soon as we can! We are pretty excited!!!! I have done a lot of packing (I try and do a box here and there) and have sold off a few of the big things so I am feeling more prepared! My husband and mom can attest to my stress levels at the beginning of this adventure... selling a house, moving countries and having a baby (bedrest and extreme sickness included) was making me go a little crazy haha but I am feeling better... 

I have hardly any belly pictures (I think I have done my hair and makeup all of twice this whole pregnancy haha... poor Brian) but this was Mother's Day at 27 weeks! My Mother's Day was amazing by the way.. the highlight was definitely seeing Boston go up to sing with the Primary at church for the first time :) He was so cute!!!!

And me today at 28! I had my glucose test today.. gag! Everything with baby girl seems to be going good. She is healthy and growing! I am getting my hormone shots and seeing the specialist still to see how long we can keep her in this time! I am having a lot of contractions so I am resting as much as I can but we already made it past Boston so we are doing pretty good!!!! To think that I had Banner in just 2 weeks is kinda freaking me out... I am not ready!!! I am hoping I can keep my pattern going and add another month to this pregnancy! Then I will have gone 3, 2 and 1 months early haha. We will see!! 

These little gaffers have been troopers through these last months with a pretty pathetic mom! I am so grateful for the warm weather so they can spend a lot of the day outside! Although they keep getting into mischief together... Boss figured out the hose one day and the filled the "garden" with water and rocks haha. I love this picture :) 

Brian is still husband of the century! He is working hard in his last weeks at work and getting ready to start school! Which he is dreading... but excited to get it over with! We can do 2 semesters :) We will just be renting in Edmonton since his school is so short then we will buy a house up there once we know where we will be more permanently! He is still doing everything at home and really helping out his crazy stressed pregnant wife! 

But I am guessing my next post will be a welcome Bailey post hehe I am SO EXCITED!!!! So until then...

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