Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bailey Bird

She is here!!!!! 
(before bath.... gross!!)
Bailey Bird Hill :) Bailey has been a name I have loved ever since I can remember and Bird is my mom's middle name/my great-grandmas name! This little peanut caused me so much grief and pain this pregnancy, but she was SO WORTH IT!!!!

(after bath... much better :) )

We made it to Canada, got settled, got her room ready (pictures below), got to FULL TERM (miracle) and finally felt prepared for her to come, so we decided to try and smoke her out! Brian starts his MBA in 2 weeks people!! So I REALLY wanted to have her a little early so I could have him home full-time to help out and get adjusted to 3 kids before he went back to school! And a weekend came up where my mom had Friday off so we thought that was the perfect weekend to try Castor Oil :) 

My mom said it was like clock-work for her, 4 hrs later and she would be in labour! And my cousin said about 8 hrs for her, so anyway I took it Thursday afternoon hoping I would go into labour sometime after mom was home from work on Thursday. Well it started to do SOMETHING to me right away. I was having bad cramps/contractions but they weren't TOO painful and not getting close together. 12 hrs went by of this and I decided it wasn't going to work for me and I had just sent my bowels into a frenzy for no reason haha. 

I had a bit of a melt down around midnight because I was sure I was going to go over-due and Brian would be in school and it would be awful... so I tried to lay down for bed and about 3am the contraction were getting REAL! It was time to go to the hospital... so cue yet another meltdown (freaking out about pushing out a baby again), call to Mom to come watch the boys, and we were off to the hospital!!

We got to the hospital about 3:30 am and I was 3 cm and this labour was SO TERRIBLE!!! By far my worst, I seriously thought I might not make it haha. But the anesthesiologist was in surgery so it was 2 painfully long hours before I got my epidural. But luckily he came just in time (they said if my water had broken I wouldn't be able to get one... scary!!) I was 8 cm and it was pure bliss from there... They didn't break my water right away because I was getting antibiotics (because of my history of having a kid with meningitis) so they made me just sit and wait until I got my second dose but once that water was broken it was just one push and she was here!!!! 

I was SO NERVOUS about pushing out a normal sized baby... but it turned out to be my easiest yet haha. She was a perfect 7lbs 8oz and 18inches. I was not prepared however, for them placing her on me right away covered in all that goop... that was definitely new.... usually my babies get wisked away before I even get to see them and then I don't get to hold them for a few days. There were a LOT of new things about this experience actually haha. 

Some differences had to do with just being in Canada... I will say I much preferred my USA experiences. You definitely get more pampered down there, BUT it is hard to beat free haha especially with our history of medical bills. One thing I hated was the shared room. Luckily we were only in the hospital for one night so it wasn't too bad. Our little neighbor was screaming all night so we didn't get much sleep ... well that is a lie, Brian can sleep through anything so he did just fine haha. I threw that burp cloth on his face because he was snoring but he didn't even nudge... typical. 

This little girl was a bit turned around the first couple of nights, she was just up in-between one feed at night so it still wasn't too bad, but we fixed that already and she went 6 hrs last night!!!! She is just awesome... Brian and I were pretty nervous about just bringing home a baby and having a baby in our room right away haha but I must say it is SO MUCH EASIER this way. We were definitely missing out haha. She is just a perfect little baby!

She is such a good eater! It is so weird to have a baby that just knows how to eat right away! 

Her brother adores her... Boston LOVES to hold her and feed her, he asks every feed to help. And he loves to smother her in kisses and hugs and head rubs. Banner loves to hug her too, but he mostly just ignores her haha. 

They are both pretty awesome big brothers aready though... they are obsessed with their capes lately and keep telling me Bailey will play with them tomorrow when she is bigger :) 

And this lady... can I tell you how much I LOVE living close to her? It has been the best thing ever. She has helped us SO much since we got here and has taken the boys many times to give us a break. Banner is completely obsessed with her and does not share Grandma time very well... We have all been spoiled! The first thing she said in the hospital was "she looks just like you did" so I went home and pulled out my baby picture and she was right!!!

Babies change so much so we will see what she ends up looking like, but right now we are pretty much twinsies!!! Which I am fine with... haha. 

I have had so much fun dressing her up already and it has only been 4 days!! Crazy! My sis-in-law Angela is throwing me a little shower here in Edmonton this weekend that I am so excited for and we will be blessing her the weekend after that because Ron and Laurel will be here for a visit! Which means I need to get on fixing her blessing dress....

My cousin took her newborn pictures a couple days ago and I am SO EXCITED to see them!! She just had a baby today so it might be a while before she gets to them haha but it was so fun doing girly pictures with tutus and headbands.... my dream!!

Our move here went smoothly and we got set up pretty fast just incase she came and I had so much fun doing a girly room! I got this dresser on Kijiji for super cheap and I think it turned out so cute after I painted it!!

My chair to cuddle her during night feedings :)

Lucky girl gets all my barbies and snow globes in her room (until she is old enough to play with them that is haha) I still need something cute for over the crib.... a vinyl saying maybe?


I can't wait to replace those pictures with her cute ones Kylie took :) 

and of course the cute book shelves!!

I had to take a picture of the boys room set up too because I love it! 

We made the transition into a big boy bed for Banner and a shared room for both of them at the same time! It was kinda crazy and Banner ended up sleeping in the bathroom in the playpen a couple nights haha but it is going great now!! They are such crazy kids but we sure love them! 

So far the transition to three hasn't been all that terrible, and Bailey has been sleeping so good I am not even all that tired!! I am a little... but hopefully it stays this way! Or it could just be a fake out and one day she will wake up and be awful haha. We will see!!!