Wednesday, August 10, 2016

3 Kids... 3 KIDS!!!!

Well.... Brian started school on Monday, so that means I have survived my first couple of days alone with 3 kids! Yay me 😀
(Bailey gets so many kisses every day! These boys love their little sister)

It's not all that hard yet, Bailey just eats and sleeps still and the boys just go play in the yard or basement! I am pretty tired (Bails is getting up every 3-4 hrs) but we are surviving!

This picture cracks me up... Boston is OBSESSED with Halo and Mario (and is pretty dang awesome at them if I do say so myself...) and Banner is his little shadow and just wants to do everything his brother does. He is holding the controller upside down but will sit here and just watch contently while Boston plays. Video games are a pretty good babysitter haha

It is super nice to have a little helper! Boston will give Bailey her soother when she starts crying, will go throw out dirty diapers for me and he takes such good care of his little brother too, he is actually a huge help for such a little guy!! We are both already planning his birthday party in November :) He is so excited for his "Mario Party",  I can't believe he will be 4 in just a few months!!

The day before Brian went to school (Bailey's blessing day) I was feeling VERY sick with chills and aches... so mom told me I needed to go into emergency that night because I had mastitis! This was my first experience with it haha and it was terrible! Who knew a little lump could make you SO sick. But my wonderful mommy stayed home from work Monday so she could help me while I recovered.  (have I mentioned how much I LOVE being back home?) But I am on meds now and feel great again so we are officially on our own during the day now! 

This little girl had her 2 week check up and is doing great! She was 7lbs 7oz (one oz below birth weight) but I guess the fact she was back up to birth weight was good... she is eating about 4oz now every 3-4 hrs. I love having her home, this time has been so fun and SO much easier (probably just because I am not stressed out of my mind over my sick baby in the hospital haha) 

We did have a little joint shower with my cousin Kylie who had her little boy Daxon 5 days after Bailey came! All three of our kids are super close so it is so fun to get them all together. Its also a bit of a gong show... Bailey was a week old here and Daxon is only 2 days old!!!!

It was basically just a little family reunion but we had SO much fun, Angela planned all these hilarious games and Mom made some very yummy food! And we got spoiled with fun gifts. By the way... girl clothes are SO FUN!!!

We did get to have a ton of fun this summer before Brian went back to school. I had him home for over a month and it was AMAZING! We were doing fun summer activities all the time and one of my favs was the heritage festival!!

There were like 100 tents from all different countries you could go visit and they would have food, clothes, art, dances, etc from that country. And anyone who knows me knows how much I love to try different foods so this was a dream! We bought a LOT of food tickets haha. The boys had fun dressing up like vikings too haha. 

We did a few trips to galaxy land too which is Boston's FAVORITE!!! 

He was so brave and did the drop ride with dad (which he was kinda crying/laughing at first but then warmed right up to it haha) and the roller coaster! I wish I took a video because him and this little boy he rode with were laughing their heads off and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! He is getting so big :'( 

But last Sunday for Brian's last hoorah before school we blessed our little Bails! 

Brian always does an amazing job, I LOVE blessing days. 

She looked so cute :) This was my blessing dress that my Grandma Platt made out of her wedding dress. It was so cute but I did update the top a little and took it in a bunch haha. I was a 10lbs baby and a few months old when I was blessed so needless to say it was MUCH too big for this little girl haha. 

It was a perfect day! We did it so fast because Ron and Laurel were going to be here but unfortunately her dad's health was really bad so they stayed to be with him so we definitely missed them! But we will hopefully get to see them soon!  

She is just so perfect :) We all love her so much!!!