Monday, September 26, 2016

Our Best Bud and Last Days of Summer :(

It may be depressing to start a blog off with something so sad but we lost our best little bud a few weeks ago :( 
We aren't sure what happened, he seemed fine and happy that morning and then that afternoon I found him upstairs in our bathroom. It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, call Brian at school and tell him the sad news. I have never seen Brian take something so hard... We loved him lots and he was SUCH a good little puppy, especially good with the boys. We will miss Bandit everyday!! Luckily our boys are still a little too young to really understand which made it a little bit easier. But we will see him again one day <3 

Our little superheroes have been loving their new "house" in Canada!! We have had so much fun and been so busy, but I haven't found a lot of time to blog with three busy kids haha. 

We are LOVING being close to grandma Shari and see my family tons!! It is a dream come true :) She comes and takes the boys for bike rides and park dates all the time to give me a break which I am always so grateful for haha

And we love Edmonton so far... ask us again in a few weeks when winter hits though haha. As much as we love it here though it is always hard to be away from the rest of our family, I hate how we have to chose only one to be close to, I wish we could all live close together!! But Ron and Laurel were nice enough to take the time to come visit us and we had so much fun! 

It was just a few days but we packed as much fun in as we could! We started off with a trip to the zoo, always a favorite of ours :)

The boys are not a fan of the stroller anymore and refuse to go in it... so they are either running around like crazy people or hitching a ride on someones shoulders! 

Despite the faces we were having fun... I promise haha. 

We loved seeing all the animals and took home some pretty fun souvenirs! 

One night my mom babysat while we all went to one of those escape rooms, it was SO FUN!!! We technically didn't make it... although the last 10 min were us just looking at a paper upside down, all we had to do was turn it around haha, which makes us sound stupid but trust me... an easy mistake! 

We went and spent another day at Galaxyland, one of our favorite spots to go since moving here, the boys are OBSESSED! 

Boston thought going on rides with Grandma and Grandpa were pretty great! He is getting so big and loves all the scary rides!!

There are only about 2 rides Banner can go one but he doesn't seem to mind... He could ride this motorbike ride ALL day... and he does! This one picture he had the ride all to himself, it was pretty funny to watch him haha. 

Bailey was a good spectator! We were so grateful that Ron and Laurel came to meet Bails before she got too big and changed so much! And we can't wait to see everyone again at Christmas in Arizona!! 

But besides that everyone is doing pretty great, the boys are anxiously awaiting winter to go and skate with the new skates my mom got them, I think they will change their minds when the cold and snow actually hits haha. Or maybe not... 

These boys are so funny and are getting so big! They share a room now and it's a bit of a gong show, much laughing and jumping is heard from their room but they fall asleep eventually haha. 

Banner is starting to talk a ton and has asked to go on the potty a few times... I'm putting off potty training as long as possible though because I hate it haha. He is just as cute as ever but he can sure have an attitude!! He is a little bipolar, he can be so nice and sweet one minute and SO crazy the next, which is why he needs the good looks I guess... lol. He loves riding his bike, drawing, watching movies and eating haha. He eats a ton and is a SOLID little dude.  We may have a future football player on our hands. They are both still taking a nap which is a nice break for me, I can usually plan all three naps at the same time so I can sneak one in too lol. 

Boston is getting so smart and is freaky good at so many things!! Like sports, his bike and video games. He is one talented little dude! And he is SUCH a good big brother. He is a sweet kid and loves to take care of his siblings. He can also fight and wrestle with Banner pretty good when he wants to but so do all brothers right? haha. 

When we first got to Canada we took Boston to my uncle Randy who is an optometrist because we noticed him looking at things a little funny. Randy found a cataract in his right eye!! It is pretty rare to have one this young I guess and is most likely due to the fact he was so early, but we had to go to a pediatric specialist to know what to do about it. So after a long and PAINFUL fight with Alberta Health to get my two American boys health coverage (another big thanks to Randy for calling them a million times for me haha) we took him to the children's hospital and he had a pretty extensive eye exam! He got drops to dilate his pupils and looked like a crazed animal all day ahah (see picture) But they told us his cataract wasn't big enough to operate on and that he will learn to just not even notice it. But he did have just bad eye sight so he needs glasses! But I guess since he hasn't had glasses his brain and just learned to only rely on the better eye, so we have to patch his good eye and force his brain to use the bad eye for a while until he uses both eyes more evenly. He will have it 24/7 for a month and then we go back to evaluate. They said he will wear it most likely a year but every month we go back he will probably be able to wear it fewer hours a day. He does pretty well with is though for such a little kid and is still good at all the things he loves even with one bad eye haha. His glasses should be here in about a week! 

And our little Bailey is 2 months old now!!!!! 

She got her shots (she has been quite the little princess about them, definitely a different experience than with her brothers haha) and weighed 11lbs 12oz!!! What a little chunky monkey! She was 23 inches too. Growing like a weed!!

She is in 0-3month clothes (probably not much longer though) and size 2 diapers.
She just gets cuter and cuter everyday (if that's even possible) and we are all so in love with this little girl!!!

I love dressing her up like a little dolly! And I definitely spoil her with cuddles more than I did with the boys haha but I think it is because I know she is my last one so pretty sure it's allowed....

She is smiling a lot and starting to babble a little bit! But she is NOT sleeping as much as I would like haha. She goes 4, sometimes 5 hrs at night but I definitely need more beauty sleep than that. Maybe one day soon... 

Brian is doing great in school, he is busy but he works really hard so that he can spend as much time with us as possible. He has school from 8am-10pm on Mondays but then has Tuesdays off which is nice. He likes his classes but is already looking forward to being done school haha. Only 7 more months! After graduation the fast-track MBA's have to go on an international trip for 2 weeks to see how businesses run there I guess so he gets to go to Japan I think which I am so jealous for!!! I would go with him but he will be doing school stuff most days and wandering the streets of Japan by myself all day doesn't sound all that fun or safe to me haha. 

And I am just being a tired mom and loving it! Kids are crazy but so much fun :) Maybe if I ever get a full nights sleep again I will be better at blogging haha.