Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Halloween Partaay!

Halloween '16 was such a success!!

Brian had school until 10pm and we had no costume party at church (bummer) so Brian and I opted out of costumes this year :( I know... SAD! But the kids looked pretty stellar in their ninja turtle costumes!

Best ninja poses haha (the hats gave MAJOUR elf ear)

Ninja kick!!

And I got a little excited about Bailey's first Halloween and spent WAY too much on her costume at the Disney store haha. 

My little Minnie :) 

She loved sucking on the gloves all night!

What a cute bunch!! 

Boston asked so nicely if we could have a Halloween party, so naturally (being the party lover that I am) said HECK YES!!! I have always wanted to throw a halloween one :)

We spent most of the day decorating and making treats until everyone got off work. I wish I knew how to use my awesome camera better and could have gotten a picture of what it really looked like, the lights were dim and my pumpkin changes colours and blows smoke, so cool!!

Treat table!!

Candy Apple Pops, Ghost PB&J, Mummy Dogs

Cake, Vampire Doughnuts (you can't really see but they had those plastic vampire teeth in the holes), Pumpkin Krispies

Our Halloween cake looked so cool inside!!

Popcorn, Juice and Chips

After everyone arrived and we snacked for a bit we went off Trick-or-Treating!
Grandma dressed up as Ketchup haha. The boys LOVED it!! They ran up, rang the bell, said "Trick-or-Treat" and then "Thank-you, Happy Halloween!!" all on their own, they are just the cutest :) And they got SO much candy!!!

Brandon and Melanie dressed up as turtles too so we had the whole set!! They were great Trick-or-Treating buddies :) 

But then we came back and played a few games before bed!

First was Poke-a-Pumpkin

They all took turns punching the cups to find more treats inside!

Then I had made a haunted bowl game (what would you call it? haha) with Monster Tongue (banana cut in half), Vampire Eyeballs (peeled grapes), Gremlin Toenails (Frosted Flakes), Witch Fingers (cooked carrots), and Zombie Brains! (spaghetti)

I'm not sure they enjoyed this as much as I remember as a kid haha, maybe they need to be a bit older still....

Then we had a doughnut eating contest! Aubrey and Taysom (dressed as Anna and Jake the Pirate, so cute!!! Aubrey even had the boots, I was a little jealous haha) had already played this once before so they were pros, Boston just grabbed his string and cheated after one try and I don't think Banner ever did get his.. haha. 

Then the Big boys wanted to take a turn!

Brigham got his off first but he didn't realize the point of the game was to eat it first haha.

Don't Eat Pete!!! 

I forgot how much I LOVE Bulk Barn, so many cool Halloween treats there! 

Sticky, messy face! Signs of a good night! 

Then we finished off the night with Pumpkin painting! (Boston's crooked glasses... haha) 

After the kids went to sleep we all watched a scary movie downstairs! (I may have kept leaving to go clean up, I don't do scary very well, especially without Brian haha)

We had such a fun night and were so glad everyone could could come and play!! Until next year...

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