Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Our end to 2016

We had the BEST Christmas ever!!!
Part of the reason it was so awesome is that we got to have TWO!

We celebrated with my family a week early! We were flying to Arizona and so space for gifts was limited, so we opened most our presents here before we took off. 

My mom bought everyone ugly Christmas sweaters so we could take a family picture haha as you can see, it is pretty hard for my family to take a normal picture... we were going for classic 80's "stare into the distance" picture. Nailed it. 

We had our traditntal chocolate fondue and crab legs meal (my mom has started to make ribs for those of us who don't particularly love crab... "cough, cough" Brian...)

We took the kids to Candy Cane Lane (a street the goes ALL OUT with Christmas lights, pretty awesome!)

Got our Christmas jammies, read the Christmas story, watched the Grinch and went to bed!!

The boys got pretty spoiled... as per usual... Santa just loves seeing their faces! It is so worth it! They have been gawking over uncle Brigham's Link shield for quite some time so Santa found them their own. And we got Boston Disney Infinity for his birthday so they got TONS of new characters to play, they are obsessed! 

Bailey got a lot of clothes, bows, and decor for her room... my mom and me got her this sign for over her crib and my mom started crying when she was reading it aloud to everyone haha. Now you know where I get it from....

But after an eventful weekend with my family we were off on an airplane to AZ the next day!!
All these munchkins were woken up at 4am but they all did amazing on the plane!! We got a hotel the first night there and Bailey had to sleep in the tub haha, the boys thought it was pretty hilarious to find her there in the morning. 

She was a little angel baby the entire trip!!

Boston thought Brent's house was pretty awesome, our Wii broke a while ago so playing Mario Kart again at Brent's was heaven for him. And everyone loved Momo!! Sure made us miss our little Bandit  :) 

These boys were pretty amazed that we left winter wonderland and stepped off the plane into swimming weather haha. It was so fun! 

Doughnuts by the pool!

Brent and Rachel had a fun park behind their house that we spent a while at, it is so fun to see all these cousins run around, they play so good together! Tyler and Steph have two boys Vince and Oliver (same age as our boys) and Brent and Rachel have little Paisley who is almost 2 now! 

The cheesiest smiles I ever did see... haha

We even got to go see the new restaurant in progress and run around in the empty mall! It is gonna be pretty amazing!

We were staying at a condo with Tyler, Steph and Spencer and grandma Laurel had brought along some pretty sweet games to play! I think the highlight was dressing up like a Christmas tree and the giant bubbles!! 

Gingerbread houses are always a hit too! 

We fit SO much fun into those short 10 days. Ron and Laurel spoiled us all like crazy! The adults got to go to an escape room one night while the grandparents babysat all the kids. We needed 5 more seconds to put our key in the lock and we would have won!! gahhh In our defense we did do the hardest room they had... haha


I think mine and my kids favorite thing we did though was Build-a-Bear. Ron and Laurel got each grandkid one!!!! We walked in and saw Paw Patrol there and they just about died!! They are still so attached to these puppies and have to sleep with them every night. Score!!

We had never been to Build-a-Bear before, it was amazing! I thought the heart thing was SO CUTE!!!

seriously adorable... 

We got to go to the Mesa Temple to see all the lights!

Amazing!!! Bailey was sleeping... haha she tends to miss a lot of the family pictures because of that. 

Another fav was Raw Hide! It is a western theme park and Laurel got all the kids cowboy hats haha. SO cute!

Met our first cowboy!

Banner wasn't sure about him... haha

Train ride with the whole gang!!

Panning for gold! We found quite a bit in our trays! 

Another Bailey-less family picture haha... I told you.

Christmas eve FINALLY came and we were all so excited! Ron and Laurel went CRAZY with gifts and we all got unbelievably spoiled! Christmas jammies and robes (Banner was sick and being a stinker about wearing his lol) before bed! I just love Christmas with kids, it is so much more fun! 

Ron was making fun of me for wanting to put out cookies for Santa and carrots for his reindeer... but my kids are still talking about it so... jokes on him haha.

Brian's cousin has the cutest etsy shop of these hats and I couldn't help but get Bailey one when I saw them! How cute is my little Ariel?

The boys got a sweet car track, lego, tons of paw patrol figures and cars, everything they could ever want! My fav things were our new Apple TV and the NES! I was so excited Ron and Laurel will able to get their hands on 4 of them!!! Each family got one and are obsessed with ours! 

Christmas fell on a Sunday this year so we all got new Sunday outfits for church! 

I just love her to bits!!!

It is always so sad to say good-bye. I wish we could live by everyone because we do have lots of fun when we get together! But now we are home (playing lots of NES) and soaking in this last week of Brian home before he starts his last semester!!! Huge thanks to Brian's family for making this trip so amazing!!! 

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