Saturday, April 22, 2017

Lumberjack Baby Shower!!

I said last post that this was turning into a party blog and here I am again blogging about yet another successful party :) With instagram and chatbooks now I am just not blogging about my family like I used to. My sis-in-law Angela is due in June with baby boy and we are all so excited!! As soon as she told me the first thing I said was "CAN I THROW YOUR SHOWER!?!" Party-planning has turned into quite the hobby of mine (which sounds kinda funny) and I LOVE it!!! 

We went with a Lumberjack theme :)

The spread...

                          Cupcakes and "Birch Twigs" (choc covered pretzels)

"Flap-Jack" Cookies

Veggie "kindling"

"Berry Picking"

We played 4 fun games:

Name the baby animal, this one was a toughy!! I picked especially hard ones :) Like a baby Eel is an Elven and a baby Turkey is a Poult... who knew!?

These two were similar: The "Price is Right" basket (guess how much all the contents cost $$) and "Honey Jar" guess the number of Honeycombs in the jar

 The "Price is Right" basket & Jar full of Corn Pops because I forgot to buy Honeycombs :) haha

My personal fav... guess the Baby Food Jars!!

I picked two fruity ones and two of the yuckiest veggie ones I could find :)

Then we had onesie decorating. I think this was everyones favorite, it was a big hit!


Iron-on fabrics & blank onesies and bibs ready to go!!

Some of the artists!

Finished projects!

This table was by the front door, it had the sign-in and party favors!

"So Plaid You Came" :)

        "Log" In 

Party favors were baby food jars filled with trail mix!

I had such a fun time getting this party together!! This is my relaxing activity I do after the kids go to bed is make party decor and crafts while watching Little House on the Prairie haha. So now I have to start working on my next parties which I think are my kids birthdays in June and July (Cap. America and Unicorn themes)

We are so excited to meet baby Hill in June too! So exciting to have our first little cousin on my side of the family :) Woohoo!!!

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  1. Hey!! This baby shower seems very interesting. Loved these arrangements especially the games part. Planning to arrange games for my friend’s baby shower too at one of Chicago venues to make it a fun party. Just want to arrange everything in best way to make her day fully wonderful.