Saturday, June 10, 2017

Captain America Party!!!

Our little Banner is 3 years old!!!! I am always shocked when birthdays come around at how fast the years are going... I'm guessing that never ends. But Banner is OBSESSED with "ka-ka 'merica" as he calls it, so he asked for that theme this year. 
It turned our pretty cute!!

I thought with having two boys the super hero themes might get old, but I always have so much fun doing them and they are so easy! 

I love doing sewed banner's (haha banner...) because they are so quick and always turn out SO cute!! 

This Happy birthday sign was a beast!! 

"Patriotic Platter"

"Avenger Gummies." Gummie candies are always a must with my boys....

"Hero Cookies" My bestie Nicole came over to show me the ropes on royal icing. Whenever I have attempted before they never hardened or were just down right GROSS! But I gotta say, she is a good teacher, they are cute AND delicious!!! Can't wait to keep practicing and just get better! 

"Captain Jell-O" and drinks!

The Cake! I bought pre-made fondant for the red and blue (I can never get those deep colours on my own) and I gotta say, NOT a fan... It was super hard to work with IMO! But at least the colors turned out :) 

I always get WAY to excited about treat bags and party favours.... Some may call it ridiculous, but I call it FUN!! I made shields out of frisbees, paper, modge-podge, and cheap drawer handles. And I sewed masks out of stiff felt that turned out SO cute!! 

The Captain America gang!! 

After everyone arrived and we got all dressed up, we had "Hero Training!!" I was SUPER bummed because I had so many water ballon games planned but it was so rainy and cold :( So slight change of plans and the water balloon "target" turned into pin-the-star haha. Always a hit though so the kids didn't seem to mind....

"Bowling for Baddies"

Again... because of the weather, this was moved into our basement haha. Good thing it is unfinished though, great for bowling! 

Birthday boy got a strike!!!
I just taped captain america villains onto the pins haha

The cheering squad as they wait for their turn... 

And of course with a Cap. America party you need a shield throwing game! I found this sweet giant frisbee at the dollar store so we aimed for the cups in "Shield Toss"

We had a lot of fun playing games with friends, eating yummy hot dogs and cake and of course presents! Banner got SO spoiled!! My whole family was there as well as the party guests so he had a ton of gifts to open!! He deserves it though, he is such a good kid. 

He is just like his dad and is pretty anti-social. He got a little overwhelmed with all the people and the attention a few times. He needed to go sit alone or go for a walk with grandma a few times haha. We always laugh because he has no "emotion." Wether he is so excited or super sad he will just be like this... stoned face. But he is the sweetest, funniest little boy around when you get to know him and we are so blessed to have him in our family. He loves superheroes, ice cream (again just like his dad!!!), wrestling with his brother and dad, cuddling during movies, his blue blanket, going grocery shopping with me, stuffed animals, and guns. He hates sand and being dirty. It take him a LONG time to warm up to something new and you can't rush him... he is SO STUBBORN (have I mentioned he is just like his dad?) He has the CUTEST smile (when you get the rare chance to see it haha) and the biggest squeezy hugs! We love our little 3 year old so much!!!!

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