Thursday, July 20, 2017

My Little Princess Party!!

How did this happen?! My baby girly is ONE year old!!

This year has flown by!! But just like every other child, we can't remember what our lives were like without our little Bailey Bird. She has brought so much light into our house, and we are ALL obsessed with her!!

And as you can imagine... when I found out I was having a little girl I basically right then and there started to get excited about her first birthday party haha. Not that I don't love the superhero themes... because I do! But as a girl who loves pink and princess I couldn't wait!!!

I originally (when I was planning this a year ago haha) was going to do an all-out Unicorn theme based on this cake I saw on pinterest (you know the one...) But then they started popping up everywhere. So they kind of lost their "magic" so to say...  so our party kinda evolved into a unicorn/princess/pink theme!!

I made my poor husband help me haul her pink dresser down to use as the serving table... he is so awesome :) He just does what I ask him to haha. But seriously, it looked SO cute!! 

And I was so excited about this paper flower backdrop!! It was HARD WORK though!!! They took so much time and so.much.cutting! But I think they turned out great :) 

I wish every room in my house looked like this at all time... but having 3 boys in the house makes that a little difficult haha. 

"Magic Wands" and "Princess Puffs"

"Unicorn Cookies"

These were really the only unicorn thing that remained haha. I am so proud of them though!! After a learning session with my bestie Nicole I have finally made a completely successful batch of royal icing cookies! The look amazing AND taste amazing!! 

I made a similar cake for her cake smash photoshoot (pics below) and I kinda fell in love with it! It is simple but NOT as easy as it looks haha. Although it was a LOT easier than the unicorn cake would have been... bonus! 

"Pink Lemonade" and candy jar! 

"Magical Macarons" 
We got these from a bakery here called Duchess Bakery and they were TO.DIE.FOR!!

I made this little Unicorn when my hubby took me to a pottery painting place for our anniversary, so I stuck it on the hot dog table with this amazing picture of my girlie. Princess + Unicorn = Love!!

Treat Bags!!
My boys were in love with their pink princess bags haha. I love personalized treat bags and think they are a MUST for every party! 

 I have always decorated the high chair for first birthdays! More paper flowers :) 

This girl LOVES to eat!! Watermelon and Hot Dogs were gobbled down almost as fast as the cake! 
Being surrounded by presents makes me happy too!!

She did good opening her first gift... the rest not so much... 

We got her the Little People Disney Castle with ALL the princesses!! I don't know who enjoys it more, me or her? Probably me... but she does LOVE it!! Gotta start em young! 

She also got a walker from my mom and she is obsessed with it, she cruises around the house now! She has taken a few steps here and there and will stand up really well all on her own. So we are not far off from a full-blown walker!! 

Before the party I had my very talented cousin Kylie take some cake-smash photos! I wanted to put up some pictures for the party and they turned out better that I was hoping!! She was feeling kinda sick and had a terrible fever the next day, so she didn't smash it as much as I knew she would on a normal day, but it worked out because she looks so dainty and cute!! 

I made her crown and found her adorable birthday outfit online. 

The cake! we even used some of the party decor so it matched the party perfectly :) 

I could go on forever about things we love about this little girl! But I'll just name a few :)

She has the BEST smile and loves to dance (especially to the wiggles.) She LOVES playing with her brothers and still thinks her brother Boston is hilarious (which he is.) She is definitely a daddy's girl. She will sit and cuddle with him all day if she could. (She won't sit with me for 5 min.) As soon as he walks through the door she is so excited, unless he doesn't pick her up immediately then she throws her face into the carpet and makes a scene! Which brings me to her spoiled-ness... this chick knows how to get what she wants!!! She is so sweet and happy but if she wants something she's not getting she will let you know! She has the most blood-curdling scream! It is very effective at making her brothers back off if she needs them to haha. She loves to chat! She is always talking even though she can only say a few words (mom, dad, hi, bye, cheese). She is so smart and we think she is just the most beautiful little girl EVER!!! 

We love our Bailey SO MUCH!!! Happy Birthday sweet girl :)

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